Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wall collapse seriously injures boy

From CBS 2:

Two young boys were rushed to the hospital Friday night after being injured, one of them critically, in a Brooklyn wall collapse.

A brick and cinder block retaining wall fell to the ground in Bushwick after the young boys tried to go over the wall in pursuit of their basketball, witnesses said.

Despite being injured, Nathyiz Figueroa, 10, was able to free himself. However, his cousin, 11-year-old William Arango, was crushed and left in critical condition.

Nathyiz has since been released from Elmhurst hospital.

The wall was separating a vacant construction site next door. Department of Buildings inspectors said vibration from the project likely weakened the wall, causing it to collapse with no warning.

I guess they are not brother and sister as the video proclaims.


Anonymous said...

Another DOB issue?

Anonymous said...

It happened in Brooklyn and they took the kid to Elmhurst? I hope he's okay and he may be better off in Elmhurst than some Brooklyn hopsital, but it goes to show how few hospitals are left, especially those with trauma centers.