Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mormon church variance hearing

From WPIX:

Sanford Avenue near Parsons Avenue in Flushing, has submitted an application to move to 33rd avenue, a street that is zoned for single family housing. The zoning changed in 2009. But the church, according to civic leaders, bought three parcels of land and submitted plans to build to the city.

The community board turned down the application.

"Why go into a low density area and upset the community, destroy zoning when you already have a site," said State Senator Tony Avella.

Today, the community went to the Board of Standards and Appeals to make their case about keeping the church out. The church is asking the city for an exemption since it's a religious entity. If the project is given a go, the structure is set to be 21,000 square feet. The average home on the block is 1,500 square feet.


The Flushing Phantom said...

What a sham.

The Mormons pull the "religious discrimination" card from the a poor argument for building to their wants instead of their real needs.

This would impose a monster sized building in low rise residential neighborhood.

That's an act of pure arrogance...
not exactly what a good neighbor should be doing.

Jerry Rotondi said...

"Religious discrimination"
has NOTHING whatsoever to do with this particular case--as a few people have attempted to insinuate.

The LDS Church IS WELCOME along with all other religious institutions.

We proudly note that Flushing IS the BIRTHPLACE of religious freedom
in America.

This is an issue of DIMENSION--

Reduce the dimensions of the building and everyone is happy.

We then have a win-win situation.

The alternative solution is for the LDS church to build on it's current Sanford Ave. site--where the zoning permits much higher density.

Anonymous said...

The Mormons and Freemasons are very similar - Joseph Smith was a freemason. Anyway, the number 33 is sacred to them both (ie 33 degrees of scottish rite masonry) and that's probably why they want to relocate to 33rd st.

FluShing Rezident said...

Do your homework people! This is not a benign religion. These people want to take over the world! They're buying up property everywhere and they have an agenda other than real estate!

Their teachings are irrational and insane. Check out some of the ex-mormon sites for more info.

It's a cult started by a charlatan from upstate NY.

FluShing does not need any more craziness!

Anonymous said...


There are dumber people holding public office throughout our country.

We call them morons.

So how are a few Mormons thrown into the mix going to hurt?