Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jet Blue sign to light the way

From the NY Times:

In response to a push from the airline JetBlue, which opened a new headquarters in Long Island City this month, proposed zoning changes are moving forward to allow the company and its neighbors to shout their identities from huge rooftop signs that could be seen from Manhattan.

On Tuesday, a City Council subcommittee unanimously approved the changes to permit such signs on nonresidential buildings along 14 block fronts between 23rd Street and the Sunnyside railroad yards.

It is one of the last steps in the approval process that the airline embarked on more than a year ago and that has been slowed by red tape and community opposition. The full Council is expected to vote on Monday to approve the amendments, which will pave the way for the four-and-a-half-story-high sign, and perhaps others.


Anonymous said...

Jet Blue = decent low frills with frills airline. At least they remain in Queens vs moving south. The sign is good and in the area they occupy they deserve a medal for locating there. The area is on the upswing and the recent roadway redesign and landscaping is a much desired improvement. The tomb stones (broken pavement blocks on the mediens are being removed thankfully. At least Jetblue is here rather than a Fresh Direct right?

Joe said...

They have money--You think they would use some of it to hire some decent artists to come up with better artwork VS bland cheap plastic backlit corporate letters.
Whats wrong with something like a blue globe with a wing and some different colored neon ?
Leave it to a Brazilian Morman owner and some Southwest airline employees from Utah to decide whats good for Queens
One word "assholes" all of them !

Corporations like Swingline, Coke and the Williamsburg savings bank had it right, didn't these mountain Utard CEO's & architects even look into local LIC heritage ?
At this rate of corporate ignorance Id rather have the LIC hooker's, pimps and soup kitchens back.

A combo of the words Utah and Mormon. A modern day version of 'the wheat and the tares' story. A Utard is a "tare" that grows up among the "wheat". They don't really know much about anything outside their religion but "float aloft on air".


Anonymous said...

this site is across the plaza from where the D.O.T.'s Sadie detoured vehicles exiting the Queensboro Bridge (aka Koch bridge). Previous Q.C. posts note that three exiting cars killed and injured passengers and a pedestrian ,while demolishing stores on the south side .

we could forever call this section" SADIE'S DEATH VALLEY"

Anonymous said...

ok..umm... yes we can read this on press releases from the LIC Partnership and its on Crappy because ... ah well ... Cappy believes we don't read the dailies or .... or .. there is nothing more to report on pols, developers and the public behaving badly?

I mean crappy lets stay on focus here and stop touting real estate.

Anonymous said...

F**K the artist and their crappy graffiti some call art. Swingline, Coke and the Williamsburg savings bank had it right - where are they today, Mexico (Swingline) Coke - who cares and Williamsbug (gone).

Better to have Jetblue anyday rather than the Rikers population that get dropped off here - perhaps the bus can take them to Park Ave in the 60s' LOL!

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, Anonymous #3, I posted it here so you can comment on it. Imagine that! It involves permanent zoning changes.

Anonymous said...

Hang it up Joe!

It could have been a "Vallone Blew"

the Vallones sure do blow!

Anonymous said...

Bring back Freddie Laker and Trump Air (yes, these were real airlines once)