Monday, April 23, 2012

Et tu, Rory?

From Queens Politics:

A source very close to Gottlieb indicates that a little over two years ago, Gottlieb was to oppose the Staviskys on a matter of leadership.

What came in return was Evan and Toby threatening that they would unearth Jeffrey’s fiery problems from the 1970′s.

Jeffrey decided not to confront them and he laid low and stayed behind the scenes, but this time around Jeff thought that Evan and the Staviskys were working with Grace Meng, so there would be no real conflict because his campaign would be focused against Rory Lancman.

Jeff was wrong.

What Jeff didn’t know is that Lancman had retained Stavisky as an advisor prior to the nomination of Grace Meng. Rumor has it, and it’s been pointed out here, Stavisky is in fact working behind the scenes with Lancman.

From True News for Change NYC:

For the first time since the rise of Brian McLaughlin, Parkside is not running a major race for the Queens organization. It was not the string of losses, including Weprin and the Democratic Majority that knocked them out of the Meng campaign. It was the anti-Semitic flyers that the company attacked her father with when he beat Parkside candidate Barry Grodenchik in 2004. What Gottlieb did not understand is that Evan fears that a Meng win could destroy his million dollar consultant and lobbyist business. Congresswoman Meng would demand that County no longer deal with Parkside.


Anonymous said...

Nothing surprises me about any scum-bun political dirty tricks that emerge in Queens.

The Staviskys have always been a low-life nasty bunch...thinking that their entitlements to remain a controlling dynasty should last forever.

But, the crack is widening...and soon the corrupt games we've all watched on the Toby & Evan show will spill out into the sunlight for all to see.

Better stay in Rockland County
pig-boy, Evan.

New York City will eventually devour a cheap low level amateur trickster like yourself.

You ain't no slick Chuck Colson.

You're not even a semi-slick
Chuck Apelian.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll not
bother voting anymore.

What's being featured on the bill of fare these days...
sauteed shit; stir fried turd; consume of crap; melange of merde?


I think I'll finish off my bottle of Merlot and retire to Bedlam!

Anonymous said...

Who the f*ck gave them the authority to interfere with the public's effort to select our representatives?

Easy answer.

The Stavisky's are encouraged to work their magic by our elected officials. Just another example of the pathological political process.

We should catalog their abuses and demand - at every chance - for our electeds to explain their continued support for this abuse of the electoral process.

Anonymous said...

Congresswoman Meng would demand that County no longer deal with Parkside

Well that certainly sounds like a damn good reason to vote for Meng!

Anonymous said...

what we need, is a candidate that would demand that County no longer deal with (Virginia) Joe Crowley!

Anonymous said...

what we need, is a candidate that would demand that County no longer deal with (Virginia) Joe Crowley!

One step at a time. First Stavisky - then Crowley. Add Meeks to that list, too.

Anonymous said...

Are people really shocked by this? Lancman is one of the sleaziest politicians around today.

Anonymous said...

queens politics is quick to point out the the Stavisky activity

but doesnt seem to want to report the behind the scenes deals with halloran and vallone

wonder why

Anonymous said...

Working Families Party=ACORN-NYPRIG

they all suck. they are anti working class NAZIS.

screw Rory

Adam said...

me too.

Anonymous said...

Parkside left Rory as soon as it became clear that he was not running against Turner.

Parkside would not have worked with Rory if he had run against Ackerman. When was the last time Parkside had worked for an insurgent candidate not backed by either Joe Crowley or Toby Stavisky?

Rory is on his own. The labor groups, Jewish communities, and white voters upset with Liz Crowley are his biggest base. Perhaps a few non-Chinese Asians too.

Anonymous said...

Adam what about the Vallone Halloran pact?

Adam said...

I heard about that. Listen, don't tell anyone, if he wins Peter has to give Dan a ride on his chopper straight down Astoria Blvd.

Anonymous said...

Its a win win for north queens. If halloran in that means anti stavisky silverstein iannece etc if vallone wins it means anti stavisky silverstein iannece etc. Let's throw those parkside hacks out of north queens once and for ever.

Anonymous said...

That chopper is going to look like a tricycle after that!

Anonymous said...

Lancman besting Meng would be a huge game changer for Queens.

The old formulas that keep the status quo in balance would be savaged.

Anonymous said...

lancman give the unions the house

some breath of fresh air that is

Anonymous said...

As a longtime union member, I find it a plus to have someone defending our right to organize.

Anonymous said...

rory get off queenscrap

you pissed shelly off last year with all of your tweets
now focus

Anonymous said...

County leadership is scared shit
of Rory Lancman winning.

That's why the Crowley gang
has gone through such desperate Byzantine maneuvers to cut his edge.

like pushing that arsonist Jeff Gottlieb into the race in an attempt to divide the Jewish vote.

that didn't play very good 'ol "Virginia" Joe.

Grace Meng is already known for supporting her own Asian agenda.

Her newly drawn district doesn't contain enough Asian votes to put her into Congress.

Dan Halloran might just wind up going to Congress.

Not a bad thought...
because then he'll be out of our

At least he's a full blooded American.

Anonymous said...

Stavisky and Ackerman are in with Silver, Crowley and Mayersohn are opposed.