Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kosciuszko Bridge project to start next year

From the Daily News:

Commuters weary of the all-too-familiar sight of the sea of brake lights atop the Kosciuszko Bridge can rejoice.

Construction on a new bridge is now expected to begin in spring 2013 — a year ahead of schedule, thanks to $460 million made available for the job by Gov. Cuomo’s New York Work initiative.

The 73-year-old bridge, which carries the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway over the Newtown Creek, qualified for the money in part because it is on the state’s “deficient bridge” list.

The initial phase of construction will build an eastbound lane next to the existing bridge, according to the state Department of Transportation, the agency overseeing the project. The 1.1-mile bridge is expected to be done in 2017 and will cost about $800 million.

When completed, two new spans with a total of nine vehicle lanes and paths for pedestrians and bikes will replace the original structure.

It’s the single biggest project made possible through the New York Works program, an initiative to create jobs while repairing the state’s infrastructure.


Ned said...

Just disgusting how Cuomo II can make $800 million available for friends and gangsta contractors and not pay the the working class property owners for the land they stole.

9 land bridge not counting pedestrian and bike paths ?
Somethings wrong with these numbers. They are against the laws of suspension span physics.

Anonymous said...

Work on the Belt pkwy till 2016,the kew grdens interchange construction will soon be underway. now the bridge at the same time!??

r185 said...

What does this mean? "Two new spans with a total of nine vehicle lanes and paths for pedestrians and bikes will replace the original structure." Are they building two bridges?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the north and south roadways will be on seperate structures. Each will have its own pier at the center of their spans from wich the support cables will span out in both directions to hold up the deck.

You can see in the image; the deck of the northbound lanes passes through the arms of the south pier, then pass in front of the pier to the north.

LibertyBoyNYC said...

Yes, we need to pay off the union mafioso in a big way.