Sunday, April 15, 2012

Avella proposes flat gas tax

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — New York State Sen. Tony Avella, of Queens, is promoting a proposal that would require the city to tax gasoline sales at a flat rate, rather than as a percentage of the price per gallon.

Avella, a Democrat, said the city makes a lot of extra cash when gas prices go up because it collects more from sales tax. He doesn’t think it is fair to drivers.

“Obviously the price of gas is going up significantly. We need to do something for consumers and the city never budgeted for this extra windfall. So we’re not affecting their budget and I just think it’s the right thing to do,” he told 1010 WINS.

The savings from switching to a flat rate — which would equal 8 cents a gallon as opposed to the 4 percent per gallon the city charges — would save the average motorist around $80 per year, according to the senator.

Avella said New York City’s tax is the only gas tax that charges by percentage. He said federal and state taxes are flat.


Anonymous said...

if tony would yell loud and clear at the next nys senate meeting "DRILL BABY DRILL"and at all of the democrat meetings locally , the opec gang would get the message .

this took place a few years ago when the citizens overloaded the U.S.congress's phone system in D.C.

the price at the pump declined quickly.opec does not want the U.S.oil companies drilling in alaska and other domestic areas.

tony is going to local civic s and supporting the environmental greenies who advocate no drilling,no fracking etc.

many of their scare tactic stories are outright lies.

Anonymous said...

if you want to educate yourself more about the increase of gasoline prices to $4.00-$4.25 /gal. , watch FOX NEWS, SUNDAY 8-10PM.

the stossel show explains governments failure to keep prices reasonable.

the eric bolling/sarah palin special show debates the government/environmentalist role in rising gas prices at the pump.

avella's proposal is using a bandaid that can not cure the REAL cause.

Anonymous said...

Avilla is dead right with this issue and we should not pay additional taxes because of fluctuation of gas prices.

Anonymous said...

Drill baby drill will not keep us from being taxed to death, but more elected officials like Tony Avella, who speak out for us would help. Thanks Tony for the assist.

Anonymous said...

Can;t wait to see the TOBY AND TONY PRIMARY

Anonymous said...

RE:" tony avella keeping us from being taxed to death"

has the senator ever supported the U.S.and NYS TAX ENOUGH ALREADY parties ?

if yes ,he has failed to have a photo op with these patriots, so far.

will you pay the 2.8% home sales tax,(approx. $30,000. on a $800,000. property sale),when obama care is implemented in 2014 ?

will tony" speak out " against this hidden property sales tax now ?

Helen said...

Anonymous # 6 ~

Those are some good questions!

Tony Avella once pandered to a lawyer from Bayside who objected to the sale of pork meat in Manhattan and petitioned Avella to end the sales. The pigs were raised at the Queens County Farm Museum. The meat could have been offered for sale in Queens. As always, Manhattan had the one and only choice. Thanks to the Bayside lawyer's petition to Avella the sale of pork was ended.

The Queens County Farm Museum is not a petting zoo, it's a working farm. Last year during all that heavy snow one of their Veterinarians actually walked to the Farm because the animals might have needed him. It's good to see dedication. They must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

my regards to jim trent.we were the two representatives from Queens County in 1975 ,who were appointed spokesmen for N.A.N.S.( National Association for Neighborhood Schools),when the federal courts and liberal dems. were force busing children because of the color of their skin.

it is now unconstitutional since 2007.

he and i were right and the libs. were usual.