Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Peninsula Hospital closed for good

From NY1:

The signs posted on the doors of Peninsula Hospital in Far Rockaway, Queens are directing patients to St. John's Episcopal Hospital. At 9 a.m. Monday, Peninsula's emergency room officially closed, completing a total shutdown of the facility.

Former employees said dozens of their former colleagues turned out for a prayer vigil at 9 a.m. for one last emotional goodbye.

Former employees said the hospital feels like a ghost town. Most of them had already cleaned out their lockers a month ago when they were laid off.

The hospital had faced financial trouble for several years and had its lab closed by the state in February for a number of violations. They were ordered to cancel all surgeries and were forced to transfer patients to other hospitals nearby.

By mid-day Monday, crews took down the emergency room billboards.


Anonymous said...

If I owe them money.... does that mean I dont have to pay them anymore?

Anonymous said...

Don't get sick in Queens. That's the story here.

Anonymous said...

I am missing the point on all these hospital closings in Queens the past 5 years. During 9/11 all these hospitals were full because of the tragedy and then the airliner that crashed over Rockeway. What will be do if there is a serious incident that require sending a massive amount of residents to hospitals here? Do we drive to NJ or Conn?