Monday, April 23, 2012

What the hell happened to Cardozo Playground?

At B59th Street and Arverne Blvd is this site which displays a Parks Dept sign and the name "Cardozo Playground." You can read its history here.

The park has been in this condition for about 10 years or so, according to park advocates and locals. There is evidence of basketball having been played here and this photo was taken from a softball backstop.

The Parks Dept's page says the park is closed "indefinitely" but doesn't say why. In recent years, the park got acceptable ratings during inspections, which reveals what a joke the department's inspections are.


Anonymous said...

the parks dept. states that three other playgrounds are available within less than a mile from the closed Cardoza space.

could it be that the surrounding area is not populated enough for a fourth play space ?

Queens Crapper said...

There are more people in Rockaway, particularly Arverne now than ever, with more development planned. Don't think that's the reason.

Anonymous said...

Was it a minority populated gang and drug hangout? And the parks dept doesn't want to take a chance it might return?