Thursday, April 12, 2007

Desperate Delusional Dennis

What you are about to read is just really sad. Pinky has hit a new low - perhaps rock bottom - in his personal vendetta against a local civic group.

Last night, the councilman handed out his latest attack letter at a Community Board 5 meeting. Apparently he has been feeling the heat from the Juniper Park Civic Association, is seeking revenge and attempting to perform CPR on his political career by sending out hate mail about them.

Has anyone ever heard of such behavior? Civics are groups of unpaid volunteers who, in this case, are apparently not for sale like the $112k councilman is. Crappy doesn't know where to begin disecting the half-truths, lies and outrageous implications that the councilman makes. It's obvious that the "rank and file" members of this organization are not flooding Pinky's office with sympathy cards, otherwise, Mr. G would not have felt the need to write these letters, hand them out at public meetings and mail them directly to JPCA members. (He unethically used their mailing list to do this, too, but that is a whole other story.)

Read the second paragraph about St. Saviour's church. Dennis now claims he's trying to save the entire site. LIE. Then he states the developer "has halted any discussion for demolition or development." That's because Dennis' hasn't secured the zoning change yet that his friend "Tommy" needs in order to build, although he's been trying very hard, especially after Tommy hired Dennis' friends at the Parkside Group.

Remember, Dennis took no action to try to get the city to buy the property because he didn't think it was good for the developer. The fact of the matter is that the civic group's passion and perserverance is the only reason there aren't 100 units of housing minus a church on that property right now.

Pinky apparently believes that love is forever, even in the face of betrayal. He can't get over why JPCA has turned on him when they used to like him. It's a very simple concept, Dennis, and I'll put it in caps so you and your friends can understand it.


Did you get that, or were there not enough misspellings for you to understand? You have sold out, that's why your old friends don't love you anymore. I guess they have enough integrity not be your mindless cronies, like some others who follow you around like kids waiting to be handed their ice cream money.

Most disturbingly - read the paragraph second from the bottom. Pinky believes that he and other elected officials should be immune from criticism! If you don't feel people have the right to criticize those they elected to office, then I think Red China may be a better place for you, my Pink friend, so please stop wrapping yourself in the American flag. The funny thing is that I have scoured Juniper Civic's website, which seems to be updated quite regularly. While I've found articles critical of Melinda Katz's mishandling of the Trylon Theater debacle, against Weiner and Nadler's support of the Cross Harbor plan, criticism of the mayor for allowing overdevelopment, a mention that Markey doesn't show up at any meetings and a strike back at Oddo for telling them to "go back to Queens," I can't, however, find anything negative written about Crowley, Ackerman or Liu. Apparently Pinky just made that up.

Next read his list of "accomplishments." In 6 years, he has sponsored exactly 11 bills that he thinks are worth bragging about. How many did he actually write himself? None. He isn't smart enough to do that. He just signs onto other people's. And some of them are quite revolutionary - Crappy is happy that newsracks are in order all across the city.

And I guess it's ok for Dennis to increase fines for violating DOB stop work orders - since he tells violators not to let them in!

Congratulations, Pinky. If showing up at a constituent's house uninvited and harassing a senior citizen at a shopping mall didn't make the case clear enough, then with these letters, you've succeeded in showing the world that you definitely are a failure as a human being, as Mr. Kampermann stated.

As much as we love to ridicule Pinky here on QC, this behavior just isn't funny, it is a cry for help from a disturbed man at the end of his rope. Yes, we still want you out of office Pinky, but we also want you to get the help you need. You've apparently been way off the deep end for more than 6 months, as evidenced by your previous letter!


Anonymous said...

Maybe when these people get elected to office someone should sit them down with an orientation course.

The public servant serves the public, not the other way around.

A politician bridges gaps, does not create them and splits a community.

Anonymous said...


Pinky whines how JPCA uses their dues to criticize him. Well, is how is Pinky funding this personal fued? WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS apparently. Do you think he paid for the paper, postage and staff time to put these letter together out of his own $112k pocket? I highly doubt that.

We need to band together and demand the councilman's resignation. This needs to stop.

hooper said...

If a civic's members don't like the way their dues are being spent, they have the choice not to pay them anymore.

When a councilman abuses tax money on a personal fued, do you have the option of not paying your taxes anymore?

Anonymous said...

The last JPCA meeting I went to was packed, so apparently the "rank and file" members are behind the organization and presumably not very fond of Mr. Gallagher.

I agree that he should not be able to spend tax dollars in this way.


Anonymous said...

While Pinky's civic couldn't draw enough members to hold their elections... someone forgot to call the sanitation & electrical unions last time.

Anonymous said...

I am outraged that not only is my councilman continuing this war on the community but also is using his staff to continue his vendetta. He is a shameful, disgusting piece of shit that needs to be flushed immediately.

Anonymous said...

The next thing that will happen is he'll send his lawyers, investigators and lowlife thugs after them, if he hasn't done so already. What a creep.

Anonymous said...

It's on city council stationery. Someone should send this to DOI and Christine Quinn's office.

Anonymous said...

What breathtaking arrogance!

This pink panty-wearing crybaby elf has the audacity to use my money to attack me and other taxpayers.

Doesn't this girly-boy crook know that he accounts to us? We account to him for nothing!

His betrayal of the taxpaying residents of Middle Village and Maspeth is the reason why the "Man of the Year" title was rescinded. He may no longer refer to that title as though it had been awarded.

This weeping turd says that he "sponsored" over 49 city laws in my 6 years .... Do a little arithmetic you waste of toilet paper; that's 8.1666 per year! Wow! How impressive!

Now for your "sample": a law regarding newsracks! Another law related to the display of POW/MIA flags! Demolition work without a permit on 1 and 2 family homes (but nothing for your best buds who demolish an entire 5 story building) Security cameras in the NYC Public schools. Was not your idea. You never worked on the issue.

But, here was the real beaut: a law to increase the penalties for damaging houses of religious worship or religious articles therein. You excluded you plan to destroy the ENTIRE Saint Saviours Church, including everything inside?

You are on the Parks Committee. What have you done to prevent the unleashing of dogs in city parks? What have you done to prevent the unleashed dogs from attacking people? What have you done to prevent the dogs from defecating all throughout the parks? (Here's a hint: absolutely NOTHING! No, you have been actively promoting the dangers). That's your betrayal of the aged plus your responsibilities on the Sanitation committee. When you betray, you don't economize, do you?

Sissy-boy crybaby, you are nothing but a drunken, corrupt loser. Ask your friend Maltese for the truth.

By the way, next time you write such a girlie letter, learn to choose the proper word. Your misuse of words makes you look so stupid. Oh, yeah! Not just your choice of words, but your choice of "friends", and behavior also contribute to demonstrating who and what you are!

Anonymous said...

Dennis is also doing nothing for the overdevelopement of Queens properties. There is a huge McMansion being build just down the block from where he lives. Does he care? I think not since nothing has been done to stop it or look into the fact that it is over the height limit for this neighborhood. Thanks Dennis!

Anonymous said...

That Councilman is out of control!
He must have High Blood Pressure to be so Pink. Keep up the good work exposing such Corrupt elected
officials. America was built on the beliefs of good people, not
officials who forget the people that elected them. Judging by his
looks, he is about to Blow.

Anonymous said...

Did Gallagher author any bills? Are you kidding…the degenerate can't even write a simple sentence.

He's not half the man Tom Ognibene is, both literally and physically.

Do you think Mr. Ognibene would declare war on a civic association? Especially the Juniper Valley Civic Association?

Tom is much too bright to allow himself to sink that low. Mr. Ognibene knows Gallagher to be a certified pathological liar and these days stays far away from him.

Take a good look at who Gallagher pals around with today.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

This crook needs a good "tuneup" .
He and his special interest "friends" are worse then Al Capone.
I hope the Mayor is real proud of him so voters can throw him out also

Anonymous said...

Why not divide the St.Saviours' site down the middle, half-development and half-park? If developers are educated to historic value, many times they change their design plans. Witness the saving of the ancient (Colonial era?) tree on 63rd St. just north of Queens Blvd in front of the new condos (BTW former CM McCaffrey lives right across the street). The developer designed the property beautifully around the tree. Also check-out the deft incorporation of the 100-year old NY & Queens Co. RR trolley barn towers at the Tower Square shopping Center at 51st St. & Northern Blvd. In the late '80's community preservationists got the Ciampa organization, which was ignorant of the towers' historical significance, to halt their demolition; they are now nicely incorporated into the site design. Further west on Roosevelt Island, the Church on Main Street, the Octagon, and the old hospital building also comes to mind.

Development & Preservation can and do go often hand-in-hand.

Remember you can kill more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

Anonymous said...

Love the last paragraph from Pinky's letter:

"Rest assured that the vial and personal attacks..."

Vial? I think he's been hanging out with Lo-class-io too much!

Anonymous said...

The St. Saviour's site is only 1.5 acres. There is no way to build on 1/2 the site without demolishing one of the two historic structures. Building on part of the site would mean removal of dense tree cover, would destroy land which has ties to the American Revolution and also would block the view of the historic building(s). What would be the point of saving the church and building around it if you can no longer see the church?

"If developers are educated to historic value, many times they change their design plans."

These are Israelis who were using the site as a waste transfer station without permission, put phony addresses on mortgage applications, tried to run someone over, and had a bunch of illegals inside ripping the place apart during a stop work order. Yes, we should approach them and ask them to change their plans to preserve the historical value of the site. I am sure they'll be receptive.

Anonymous said...

When Gallagher says (in the last paragraph - above his signature): "Rest assured that the vial and vicious personal attacks ...", to what "vial" is he referring? Drugs? Alcohol? Date Rape drugs? Sex tools?

Does this moron not even understand his oath of office that included his swearing to uphold the constitution? The very First Amendment protects not just Freedom of Speech (including political speech) but also protects the citizen's right to "Redress Grievances".

Is this moron's understanding of the constitution that only he (Pinky) gets to use free speech and write letters to redress grievances? Does this moron actually believe that we are here to attend to all his perverted needs?

Well, no, actually. Attending to his perversions is the job of his various no-neck thug friends and his new civic association.

Anonymous said...

"These are Israelis who were using the site as a waste transfer station without permission, put phony addresses on mortgage applications..........."

Anyone try calling immigration? Maybe their paperwork isn't in order and we could have them deported. Additionally, if they've operated illegally, a media campaign may get INS to act.

Anonymous said...

Gallagher is the biggest dirt bag abuser. Besides selling pornography from Christ the King Catholic High School and repeatedly abusing his female office workers, here's a list of his growing Dennis P. Gallagher legacy some of which can be found on Google:

• He routinely breaks the law using his taxpayer funded city council staff to work on his campaign.

• Took money from his indicted buddy Brian McLaughlin- who stole millions from everyone including a little league.

• Formed a secret political organization and illegally funded it with cash.

• Strong-armed a neighborhood volunteer who would not do his bidding.

• Corrupted the Department of Buildings process by helping a crooked building consultant.

• Took an all-expense paid trip to Disney World with his family through an illegally rigged contest funded by that crooked building consultant.

• Used taxpayer dollars to fund a politically motivated war on a local civic association.

• Got an Israeli Company, with highly suspect background, to hire his buddy's public relations firm and is now "negotiating" with them to destroy land with historically significant importance to our national heritage.

The list goes on, how's is this guy not behind bars?

Anonymous said...

Stick a fork in Gallagher. He's done.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This man stink. He is no good lousy bun.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Gallagher's abuse of power goes far beyond his attacks on a civic association. His office on Metropolitan Avenue has been the site for the most vile, disgusting and disgraceful behavior imaginable by an elected official. Not even Bill Clinton has demonstrated such a total disrespect for the office, his staff or constituents as Gallagher.

More to follow.

Anonymous said...

To find out more about Gallagher and the wonderful Queens GOP log on to: Urban Elephants

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this the same guy who was also mentioned in the papers as having taken money from the indicted Brian McLaughlin, even though Gallagher's a Republican and McLaughlin is a Democrat? Did he ever give it back to the kids that it was stolen from?

Anonymous said...

No Gallagher kept the money but I hear the feds are going to get him.

Anonymous said...

Wiretaps reportedly reveal that a consultant at the center of a probe into corruption at the Buildings Department regularly relied on Republican City Councilman Thomas Ognibene for political clout. The charges, which come out of a probe that resulted in indictments of four high level Buildings Department officials in September, were first reported in the current Village Voice. The Times said today that law enforcement officials confirm the Voice report. Detectives listening in in 1997 heard frequent conversations involving consultant Ron Lattanzio, Ognibene and Ognibene's chief of staff, Dennis Gallagher. Lattanzio reportedly arranged expense-paid trips for Ognibene and Gallagher.

Anonymous said...

Hey Truth Teller, did Gallagher ever go to jail? If not then leave him alone.

Anonymous said...

To see how corrupt Dennis Gallagher is please visit this article in The Village Voice.

It's a real eye-opener. How did this man get elected?

Anonymous said...

Read about the bribe to Gallagher:

Inside Edge

On May 13, 1997, (detectives) intercepted phone conversations and faxes between Lattanzio's secretary and a Brooklyn travel agency. "Re: Prize letter," a fax from Lattanzio's office to the agency was headed. "Let me know if these are ok," was the note on the cover sheet. What followed were two letters, one addressed to Gallagher and the other to Ognibene, informing them that they had won first and second prize, respectively, in the travel agency's annual business-card drawing.

"Dear Mr. Ognibene," read the letter to the councilman. "We wish to congratulate you as our 2ND PLACE PRIZE WINNER. You were chosen out of our yearly business card drawing to receive a trip to the [Manchester, Vermont] Equinox Hotel and Spa." Accommodations would include: a townhouse suite with fireplace, a bottle of wine on arrival, a book from the Times' bestseller list, an "Equinox tartan throw," breakfast, dinner, and use of the fitness spa.

Gallagher's letter awarded him a "vacation for four" to Disney World in Florida. Making their own inquiries, detectives learned the cash value of Gallagher's trip was about $3300; Ognibene's was worth $1050.

"The chances of Ognibene and Gallagher taking first and second prize in an honest 'business-card drawing' are remote to say the least," detectives stated in an affidavit to the court. "Rather it is much more likely that the letters were written to provide a cover for a bribe."

The same day that the bogus prize letters were being faxed, detectives heard Lattanzio phone Ognibene's office.

"Hey baby," Lattanzio was greeted by Ognibene's secretary. She put him right through to Gallagher, who put Lattanzio on speaker phone with himself and the councilman.


more to follow....

Anonymous said...


Conversations and faxes intercepted between Lattanzio and Ognibene's office revealed arrangements made by Lattanzio for the councilman and Gallagher to take expense-paid trips to Vermont and Disney World.

In turn, police heard Ognibene and Gallagher strategizing about how to get City Hall to force the buildings commissioner to hire a friend of Lattanzio's—someone the consultant thought he could easily manipulate. They heard Gallagher casually agreeing to call buildings-department employees on behalf of Lattanzio's projects. They also heard Gallagher agree to help out on a troublesome state investigation into an engineer who was a Lattanzio partner—and later heard Lattanzio credit Ognibene with stopping the probe.

Anonymous said...

"Hey Truth Teller, did Gallagher ever go to jail? If not then leave him alone."

Now, here's a writer with ultra-high standards!

This writer has no demands of politicians, but feels free to make demands on the taxpayers burdened by the corruption of the likes of Gallagher.


Anonymous said...

Like I said before, voters in Queens have very strange tastes in politicians. How you people elected him after this scandal was exposed is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

This guy sounds like a thug.

Anonymous said...

If this story is true then Councilman Dennis Gallagher is a crook.

According to the article, he is heard on tape conspiring to corrupt the system.

I never read about this in regular newspapers. Why?

Anonymous said...

Why is this issue with the building department being brought up now? What do these bloggers want to happen?

Anonymous said...

This is coming from the Village Voice. Keep that in mind before you give this article too much credit.

There's an awful lot of accusations coming from this anonymous crowd. I wonder how many of them could actually prove what they post?

One misspelling on Gallagher's part, and "spelling instructor" goes ballistic on him? C'mon, there's a ton of spelling errors on this blog (not from the administrator). If you're gonna criticize for a minor mistake, do it evenly, huh?

Anonymous said...

"This is coming from the Village Voice. Keep that in mind before you give this article too much credit."

Yes, the local papers, which accept ads from politicians, provide much more credible coverage of them...

Anonymous said...

Let's get hold of the tapes and post them on QC. Then we can hear it right from the horse's ass and decide for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

The Gallagher/Ognibene Scandal was also printed in the New York Times.

Anonymous said...

If you're a Councilman putting out a letter to the community at least have someone with an education to proof it.

Unfortunately Gallagher has nobody in that office that comes close since he hired cronies, hacks, bar maids, and club dancers.

Next time he should ask Gabe to write it. Oops, he did? Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Gallagher/Ognibene Corruption in the New York Times:
Councilman's Actions Factor in Inquiry

Don't believe this then I'll get more.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting...

Looks like Pinky's construction company was hired to do work at Christ the King.

Work Permit Data

Didn't he used to work there? Isn't that where Ognibene is on the board of directors?

Anonymous said...

These kinds of actions take place because the Queens Political Machine is in total control over the borough.

Machine politics have never been good for any municipality. You rarely get the best and the brightest running as candidates. They promote the next in line or who is most loyal, not which candidate will be best for the district.

Queens is the most glaring example of why voters should reject machine candidates.

Anonymous said...

In another country....a vote of "no confidence" would have already put Gallagher out of office! the right thing and resign! Show yourself a shred of self respect!

How can you sleep nights or look at yourself in the mirror knowing that you're not wanted?

Just look at the number and content of these comments!

Truthseeker said...

I am new to the site and to all of the recent developments being discussed but I feel it necessary to ask, if he is doing such a bad job, why don't one of you run for his position? It is not easy being in a position where your actions are under constant scrutiny and your personal life is being dragged through the mud. I wouldn't have such a gripe except there are people making BIG STATEMENTS under user names and anonymously! Why dont you go to his office and say it to his face. Then I will give you credit.

Anonymous said...

"if he is doing such a bad job, why don't one of you run for his position"

1) He's term limited.

2) It's been said to his face many times. It's even been in the papers (and on wiretaps).