Thursday, April 19, 2007

And speaking of "Queens"...

This is just too funny!

McGreevey Gets Job Teaching Ethics

We bet our readers can suggest some good names for his classes, like "Pay to Play 101." I know George and Verdi are sure to come up with some real doozies!

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verdi said...

God does have a sense of humor!

A "fudge-packing" (relax....I'm not anti gay....just a joke folks....don't pull a Don Imus on me) ex governor teaching ethics?

How about an ethics class on radio.... co-hosted by a crooked Borough President and a DOB (convicted or about to be indicted) superintendent?

Maybe a 12 step...."I've reformed"..... TV panel discussion moderated by Tommy Huang?

Wadda ya think? Reality broadcasting (available on your I-Pod)!!!!!

P.S. God, would you please kick "Pinky" Gallagher in the butt for turning his back on St. Saviour's? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Pinky, this gives you hope.

You could run AA sessions.

Or teach prisoners about sexual abstinence.

Or, you could counsel cellmates on the true meaning of tenderness.

By the way, is it true that you have a rash on your?

Anonymous said...

This is like Councilman Dennis Gallagher teaching a good government class.

georgetheatheist said...

Correction: "Former Governor McGreevey will teach ethics, law, leadership AND ITALIAN at Kean University in Union."

McGreevey: Vaffanculo teste di merda!

[McSchivi - Un vero schifoso.]

Anonymous said...

George, I love it when you speak dirty in Italian.

See my ad in this week's Queens Trib!

Unknown said...

We should buy Pinky some Soap on a Rope to protect his Stinky...

Anonymous said...

This has nothing at all to do with Queens. Focus people.

Anonymous said...

McGreevey teaching Italian? Hold the cannoli.

Anonymous said...

Hey..."This has nothing to do at all with Queens. Focus people."....did you ever hear of comic relief....even on web site? Lighten up...Bubbba!

I guess not with your seriously myopic comment!

This blog IS certainly focused.....and very well at that......much to the disdain of its opponents such as yourself!

verdi said...

Hey you mean ex-gov Mc Greevy si Finochio Pinocchio?

Anonymous said...


When you get behind bars, you can raise the cultural sensitivities of your fellow prisoners.

You could teach ballet. You have the credentials. You have the pink panties (from Katz).

You could run nightly lapdancing classes. Now, there's culture and exercise at the same time.

Just keep the rash hidden. Some prisoners won't understand.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

McGreevey would make Gallagher squeal like a dirty pink pig.

Oh, he already is a dirty pink pig.

Well he'll make him squeal like a Paris Hilton gang bang on acid. Whatever that means.

Anonymous said...

Forget roasting McSleazy, he's history. Stay with porky pinky gallagher, there's still some unfinished work to do.