Saturday, April 21, 2007

Flushing Commons letter of support

Queens Courier feels sorry for developer:

Flushing Commons must go forward

For the good of his community, Liu must put his personal agenda and politics aside and acknowledge the tremendous good that the Flushing Commons project will do for Flushing and Queens.

Here's one about a development just across the street:

Developer Will Move Into Queens Crossing

The developer of the mixed-use Queens Crossing, currently under construction, likes the building so much that he is moving his company there, taking over the entire top 12th floor.

Cartoon from Queens Courier


Anonymous said...

Classic Courier. Out of touch, out to lunch.

Living in yesterday's world.

Anonymous said...

Snepps should be ashamed of herself pushing for even more congestion in Flushing. The tide in Queens is now for downzoning. She and her newspaper are out of step with the community.

Anonymous said...

Is the "Little Duke of Wellington"....Chen..... going to rent an apartment in his company's building also?

Anonymous said...

"Queen" Victoria's Courier is pushing for loading up Flushing with even more congestion and infrastructure deficiencies in the hopes that it wont ever move into Bayside!

Too late Ms. Schnepps! The policy of "containment" isn't going to work! It's already moving into your "beloved" enclave! Sorry to bust the bubble of you nearsighted Baysiders!

Isn't Donovan's of Bayside in the process of selling its restaurant and parking lot across the street (for, I believe, $8,000,000)? The land surveyors were there just a couple of days ago....along (it appears) with building engineers .

There's another rumor flying that Monahan's was approached to sell...... and right next door is another 2 story property (for sale or in contract)???

If the developer can assemble this "parcel" they plan to build a 4 or 5 story structure???

Who knows???? Right now there are a lot of unconfirmed tales being exchanged on Bell Blv'd and only time will unravel these to reveal the truth!

P.S. Also, a long time retail business "Charmet" (adjacent to the east-bound LIRR tracks) on Bell Blv'd. is leaving.

Who's next?

Vickie....I think you've been "scooped" on this!
You just attend to your wedding factory ads. Nobody takes your rag seriously, except perhaps, the Bay Clubers"!

Anonymous said...

You folks on Bell Blv'd. are about to get Flushing-ized!

The current zoning allows for 5 story buildings!

It's all going to go!

It's all a matter of time!

Anonymous said...

"Classic Courier. Out of touch, out to lunch. Living in yesterday's world."

Ever been to an Astoria Civic function?

Anonymous said...

“... this project will make Flushing an international city"

As one native Queens resident said to me, 'international' means 'third world.' That world has come to be a code word for 'Queens.'

Take a look at all those food shops in Manhattan and look how they jump through hoops trying to avoid that word. The last thing people in Manhattan want is a little bit of Queens on their corner.

Thank the clubhouse for the nice rep they gave us to the outside world.

KRM said...

I'd much rather have flushing commons and queens crossing than converting our old buildings into chinese 99 cent stores covered top to bottom in signage...

georgetheatheist said...

Vicki Schneps - the Bayside Baedeker. She gets her fingernails trimmed in Thailand, her hair coiffed on the Riviera, and wipes her big ass on Bell Boulevard.

Anonymous said...

The Courier, like so many - nearly all - these local "newspapers" has allowed itself to be the mimeograph machine for the developers' and the electeds' press releases.

These papers no longer have the capacity nor the interest to ask the skeptical questions that the community requires.

There is no imagination in these papers. With an attitude adjustment, they could be lively, informative and useful. And make tons of money while they're at it.

So, in the meantime, their readers come to QC for real information.

But, they cannot change until they've undergone the medical procedure known as a cranialrectumy.

Anonymous said...

Victoria Schnepps would sell her soul for an ad.

Anonymous said...

Flushing is certainly not "international"or even multi-cultural (as its promoters' shoddy PR hype always likes to imply).

It is not a rich sampling of many countries.

It is in fact mono-cultural catering mainly to Asian (more specifically Chinese & Taiwanese tastes).

The Asian population of (strictly downtown) Flushing is about 41% followed by a Latino similar figure (neck in neck).

A sprinkling of various other groups (with no real political or financial clout) trails far behind!

That doesn't add up to international.....only a Chinatown.....and an uninteresting one at that when compared to Manhattan's superb tourist attraction!

Anonymous said...

Chinese builders come in Flushing chopping down trees to build those crappy low quality buildings, which will be rotten in two or three years.

I hate to see every store has a sign in Red or doesn't look unique.