Friday, April 20, 2007

Congestion suggestion

The rumor that congestion pricing is part of the mayor's 2030 plan is getting stronger:


Bloomberg to Announce Long-Term Vision for City

Photo from NY Post


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha. More development, more congestion, more expense paid by the public!

Would it not be nice if someone could estimate the entire burden this development will have on the taxpayer, from schools to highways to hospitals to etc. etc. etc.

Maybe one of those think tanks that churn out prodevelopment studies could pause in their frenzy and publish a study that will actually helps the people in the communities they look at.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some politican can commission a study on the same and use the taxpayers money to pay for it.

A clever idea, use the taxpayers money to benefit them. Wow! I am intoxicated with the thought!

Anonymous said...

NYC, the #1 sanctuary city in the nation, will soon be inhabited by only the rich and their illegal day worker slaves.

Thank you Mayor Billionaire Bozo.

I'm outta here.