Monday, April 30, 2007

Your tax dollars at work, Albany edition

We pick on the City Council here. A lot. So now let's take a look at how our elected officials are wasting their time and our tax dollars up the river:

Bill Bans Teams Playing in NJ from Using "New York"

"At the very least, the location of the place where a team plays should be accurate, and reflect where they actually play their home games," Assemblyman Ivan Lafayette, of Queens, writes in the bill, as reported by The Record of Bergen County in Saturday newspapers.

Ivan, this may be suitable for a barroom debate, but not on the floor of the Assembly. And how would this proposed NY State law be enforced if the teams play in New Jersey?

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Anonymous said...

One retired veteran of the NYS Assembly once quipped: "When a little girl heard I was in the Assembly, she wanted to know what I make."

Hot air, Virginia, hot air.

Anonymous said...

Oh.....I think that the New York Jets should have to pay a licensing fee for the use of our name.....those Jersey turncoats!

Maybe this pittance could be earmarked for historic preservation!

Good morning Viet Nam and goodbye Mc Laughlin!