Thursday, April 26, 2007

A 2nd Walk Through the Meadows, part 2

This is how the city treats perhaps the most famous building in Queens. The New York State Pavilion from the 1964 World's Fair has been disused and left to rust for the better part of the last 40 years.
The pavilion isn't the only thing rusting in the park. Crappy realizes that vandalism is hard to prevent, but just how long is it going to sit before someone decides to clean it up?
Open drain, about 6" in diameter - large enough to trip most of us, expecially the youngsters.

Crumbling brickwork by the Hall of Science.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! The World's Fair site was a piece of Queens Crap when it was built. What were you saying then (assuming you were around then and cared about such issues)?

Anonymous said...

How exactly was the World's Fair site a piece of Queens Crap? Were there 20 illegal families living in it that no one knew about?

verdi said...

"greggy greg"....which "site" are you talking about the original Great Corona Ash Dump, the 1939 World's Fair or the 1964 World's Fair.....please be more specific!

Anonymous said...

About the New York State Pavilion
The public is being lied to!
Its is not “bird dropping” that prevents the steps up to the tower from being accessed because THERE ARE NO MORE STEPS!
The stairs to the highest tower is crumbled mountains of rust and electrical boxes much like the old steel stairs on the 1964 LIRR platform. The city never painted and maintained the steps so they simply rusted away.
Blaming on the birds is just another excuse!
Who told that crock to the papers Estelle Cooper?
The stairs to the lower tower are still pretty much intact, that tower was well maintained till 1967. I held a little bar, plumbing, and tables for Robert Mosses friends and dignitaries
If any city official, reporter is reading this check it out yourself.
I will try and get Queens crap photo’s as proof