Saturday, April 21, 2007

Douglaston stores threatened

The stores on 235th Street just north of the LIRR in Douglaston are on shaky ground, and it has nothing to do with the LIRR rumbling past:

Douglaston stores face shaky future

In many ways, the strip of 235th Street is classic Douglaston: Small businesses, some that have been around for decades, in an out-of-the way corner that evokes a feeling more of New England than New York City...Longtime owner Clem Bianco sold the strip in March to a Manhattan-based company called Douglaston 235 LLC for $1 million, according to city property records...some speculated that the only reason one would buy the strip would be to develop it.

Screenshot from Windows Live Local


Anonymous said...

That is ok because now we are starting to cut into the areas that the boro hall hacks live. Its one thing to dump on western Queens that is filled with clueless immigrants, trusting working class people, and mouthpieces in the 4th estate.

Besides, eastern Queens is lagging behind in development. Let us all share in the wonderful wealth in development that they tell us in western Queens.

Anonymous said...

Yeah....let's see what the upper crust in Douglas Manor have to say now! I'll bet they forget their manners and start cursing aloud!