Sunday, April 22, 2007

They're in the money

Following in the footsteps of her good friend, Alan Hevesi, Katz eyes 2009 race for comptroller post

Meanwhile, Eric Gioia goes to the city for '09 funds for the public advocate's seat.


Anonymous said...

"Gioia has his eye of Manhattan dollars and votes"

Sounds like Hillary last November. Vote for me to have a senator who will work fo you over the next 6 years.

Vote for Team Gioia and you will have for a good comptroller for Queens, whoops, Manhattan.

Maybe he will send out a questionaire on the wisdom of spending 6 million for a bike lane. Yes, that is the guy I want watching my money.

Anonymous said...

The Queen of "canoodlers" has a new partner eh!

She's already on the campaign contribution list of every major developer in NYC.....and now she wants to control the city's coffers.

What a (I'll use the polite term so as not to offend delicate ears) courtesan!

Anonymous said...

That photo makes me ill. Imagine those two in higher office. If that happens Florida here I come.