Sunday, April 22, 2007

Deadbeat landlord ordered to pay tenants

After nearly two decades of living with leaks, cracks in the walls, windows that don't work, and other problems, tenants at 47-60 39th Place say their landlord is finally starting to make some repairs. But, they say, it's only because a judge ordered him to.

Read or watch the NY1 story here:

Judge Orders Deadbeat Queens Landlord To Compensate Tenants

The Department of Housing Preservation and Development says the building has received more than 130 violations for leaks in the ceilings, vermin, and obstruction of fire escapes among other things.


Anonymous said...

More living proof that despite crying poor return on their properties........a lot of landlords are just greedy SOBs!

Anonymous said...

"NY1’s calls for comment from the landlord were not returned, but Gioia and McCreanor say they are hoping the ruling will encourage more tenants to fight for their rights."

Duh, Team Gioia, two decades of abuse and you are hoping to ENCOURAGE tenants to fight for their rights?

How about being proactive (you know, in the same fashion you help developers) and sponsor some legislation to stop this abuse? If you remain passive, perhaps you will be 'hoping' to move your career along, too and lets see how much you like that!

Anonymous said...

Not at all surprised in his passive behavior. Understand there are a number of people living in LIC that are suffering from cracked walls and other problems from that development plague he helped foist upon them. If he sponsors legislation to help them, it could unleash a torrent of lawsuits.

Last thing he or the city wants to do is provide people with the tools to stop the development Juggernaut.

Anonymous said...

Oh don't be so hard on that young man with the bright future. He did provide landscaping in Hunters Point and that multimillion dollar bike path.

Obvoiusly he knows what his community wants (and needs!) and has his priorities in order.