Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Luxury hotel will replace hot sheets motel

The Queens Gazette reports that things will soon be changing along Vernon Blvd:

New Hotels Planned For Long Island City

And there are others on the horizon. $400 a night to stay on this side of the river? Who would have thought...


Anonymous said...

Somebody I know just checked out the rates for a hotel in Paris, France (he's planning on going someday)......$400 a night!

Do you really think that LIC can get away with those same kind of rates? (H-m-m-m, maybe they think that the NYC skyline view is worth it) !

As the saying goes, "See Paris and die"!

See Long Island City and puke!

I'd rather spend my money seeing Paris!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that Team Gioia is including the community's needs in every idea to 'improve' it.

Glad to see that Team Gioia is spending his time helping make the lives better for the taxpayers and voters that got him in office.

Anonymous said...

What does all this new development do for the people in the community?

Who is repesenting them?

Why are they treated like slaves, with no say in their future, no benefit from their work?

All this across from the UN?

Anonymous said...

Sure, the lower five floors will stare at the wall of Suna's project.

Vernon Blvd will be a nightmare with all that traffic ($6 million bike lane notwithstanding)