Friday, April 20, 2007

Avella and Gazette against water hike

Councilman Tony Avella is against the hiking of rates by the NYC Water Board, and the Queens Gazette feels the same way:

Fight Hike In Water Rates--Attend DEP Hearings


Anonymous said...

Soon there will be a surcharge on the air we breathe.

That bastard Bloomberg keeps on supporting mega-over-development and we suckers have got to pay an increase every time the thousands of new residents in those newly constructed towers stick a straw in the ground to suck dry the Croton water supply!

Anonymous said...

Air's free, but it costs money to deliver water and treat sewage.

The Croton water system only serves small parts of Manhattan and the Bronx -- none of it gets to Queens. Everyone else gets their water from the catskill and delaware systems. The Croton system is only in use for a few months out of the year anyway.

And an increase in water system users does not cause the price of water to rise. In fact, more people using the system means more people sharing in the costs of operating the system. Under some circumstances more people might actually help stabilize water rates.