Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dim bulbs at City Hall

A simple suggestion for greening the city comes from the Daily News:

Here's a bright idea: Turn off the lights!

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked....just shocked to find out that we have such dim minds at City Hall not to have thought of this simple measure!

What can you expect? If our municipal governing "brains" were as bright as the city's lights....we'd have no problem. But....they're not!

You see, the bright flash is all on the outside of our politicians. But they just can't see their way around with their heads tucked up their asses..... it's dark in there!

Anonymous said...

Another case of the City of New York not practicing what they preach.

The Bloomberg propaganda machine screws up again.

What Idiots!

Anonymous said...

FROM the Daily News Article:
"People should be made aware of it. Electricity is not free."

But, electricity IS free if the taxpayers are footing the bill.

Besides, whose job would it be to turn off the lights? Guess we'll just have to have a commission to study this, and then a contractor to tell us where the light switches are and how to use them.

Of course, then, what will we all do in the morning? All the lights will be out when we arrive to read our newspapers. That will never do.

Another commission study. More contractors.

People think that turning lights off is so simple! What are we supposed to be here? Electrical contractors?

Why not just leave all the lights on all the time and add $2 or $3 to the congestion price to pay for the electricity. See? Electricity IS free if you work on the problem.

Now I deserve a raise and a promotion. To mayor. Or to a real important job where I can ride in a limo and go home at 2PM. Make me a City Council Member!

georgetheatheist said...

They leave the lights on so that any potential burglar knows there's someone home.

georgetheatheist said...

..and they keep the radio on too!

verdi said...

Imagine the high cost of Brian Mc Laughlin's brotherhood of electrical workers flipping off the switch!

Anonymous said...

Hey tell Bloomie I have another area he can save energy. Eliminate the city council. You can save heat & electricity in the council chamber and council offices. Enough energy saved to power a city the size of Rochester.