Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mr. Ambition

Well it's clear that the NY Times thinks Mr. Gioia is simply the cat's meow:

Mr. Gioia is viewed as a bright, articulate councilman with a command of a range of issues.

His Race Not Yet Certain, a Politician Gets Set to Run

Overwhelmingly, Mr. Gioia’s colleagues describe him as bright and determined.

I am sure his colleagues think that. What about his constituents?

“I worked as a janitor, a doorman and an elevator operator to pay for school,” he said. He was an aide in the Clinton White House and then practiced law at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy.

At least they managed to get the word "Tweed" in there.

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

"Tweed" ha ha ha ho ho ho.

Is it not funny, in the Alice in Wonderland World of Queens, the greater the sell out to developers, the more wonderful the hero.

Civic: there is no one like Jerry (Dah) Walsh of Dutch Kills.

(The same politicians who regularly tell community groups throughout their districts not to call them for support can't cram enough bodies onstage when Jerry shows up)

Political Hero: Melinda and Eric and that ilk get GUSHING praise from the Trib to the Times.

Political Dweeb: Tony Avella never gets a comment unless there is the hint that there is something slightly wrong with that boy. We have all see examples of this odd behavior when he shows up fighting for the public.

(PS Not to worry, Tony, being a politician makes you exempt from any real negative comments because the cluhouse can't get the public exposed to THAT blood sport)

Anonymous said...

“I worked as a janitor, a doorman and an elevator operator to pay for school”

Doormen and elevator operators are unnecessary, just as is the public advocate position he is running for. At least he's had a lot of practice being useless.

Anonymous said...

“I worked as a janitor, a doorman and an elevator operator to pay for school”

Then, sir, its makes you more worthy of contempt. Its one thing to be born to power, and to crush the little guy under foot.

Its says volumes about someone’s character when they do it to their friends and neighbors. Yes that is exactly the person I want to advance in governing me and my family.

georgetheatheist said...

Don't you just love Mr. Moola-schmoola's fundraisers in Queens- held at the White Castle in Sunnyside? This is the high point of Queens society. Not to be missed - that charming vignette of the Doorman wearing a crown and holding a scepter, in a greasy hamboiger jernt!

[I gotta get outta here.]

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Gioia stand up for Landmarking? It's cool that he wanted to "build consensus," but leadership counts too! If he wants to get further he's going to have to do more than just sit there and listen; he's going to have to stand up and be counted.

Anonymous said...

Hey, mister, the guy who is married to a fund raiser? Doing very well out there raking in money, eh?

Don't see many from the old nabe though in those glowing reports of your future.

There are lots of groups in western Queens that need fund raising. Maybe if your wife cares about the community, she could find the time to help them?

If she doesn't we can assume, as others have hinted, that there is no point for her to waste time because you want to displace the community that you came from.

Anonymous said...

"Overwhelmingly, Mr. Gioia’s colleagues describe him as bright and determined."

We find him determinedly demented. Did I also say ambitiously arrogant? No that’s right, the speaker said that.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gioia-boy" had better start wearing a we'll be able to tell which end is smiling!

Anonymous said...

worked as a janitor and doorman to pay for school??? i knew him at nyu. he was a man about town throwing parties with his frat bros. when was he supposed to be working? and he practiced law? that might have been for five seconds, as he went straight onto al gore's campaign after law school.