Sunday, April 22, 2007

Much ado about groceries


Long Island City's Arris Lofts To Get A Gristedes?

"I kindof hate gristede's, can't quite articulate it."

Never saw so much controversy about a supermarket. Strange location for one, though. Maybe they know something about the city's plan for the neighborhood that we don't know.

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Anonymous said...

"Sounds good to us"

Ho Ho Ho. All that food next to a railroad yard!

The 'luxury' lofts will have more Rodenta residents than Hominoids in the space of a month! Neat smells coming up the airshaft too!

The community needs a supermarket, but not at that busy location and in that building. Big mistake!

Anonymous said...

Gristedes (mainly seen in Manhattan) doesn't usually locate in poorer neighborhoods. This is obviously slated to become yuppy-ville very soon.

The subtext indicates, they've got to include shopping to make the project viable and marketable because there's no supermarket close by.

You've got to go to a Bodega or practically over to west Astoria to buy a loaf of bread. We know that these up scale residents won't want to travel far.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean Grosstedes? The same supermarket chain where Channel 2's shame on you found them taking expired meat off the shelf, bleaching it, and putting it back on the shelf. How can that be good news?