Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sunnyside Gardens hearing

The Queens Chronicle covers the landmarking hearing over Sunnyside Gardens:

Landmarking Opinions From Both Sunny Sides

Meanwhile, the Crapper received letters from the pro-landmarkers who testified at the hearing.

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

Bravo to Greater Astoria and Graziano.

Anonymous said...

True enough. Almost nothing was done to address this misinformation that was fed to the community (and tried to split it) by the clubhouse and press. Most importantly, why is there an unwillingness to get to the root of this and ensure that it will not happen again?

This is something that must be publicly and clearly discussed by groups like HDC and MAS, that is, if they are serious about assisting the borough of Queens in getting more such designations as they claim.

The Gardens are exceptional, and may win landmark distinction but only after a long fight. They should have been a shoo-in.

Any other community, even worthy of designation, will not stand a chance. This baggage assures that, as most of us suspect, only areas that have exceptional juice will get landmark designation.

Even worse, most of us get the impression from thet preservation community that this is a situation that is perfectly fine with them.

Who has the courage to address this problem?

Anonymous said...

Paul is missing an important additional point on why there are not many designations in Queens: the Manhattan-centric guys did almost nothing to 'get the word out' to the outer boroughs.

That is one of the reasons that four borough preservation group was formed.

Anonymous said...

It was sad to see a lack of support for Sunnyside Gardens by the other communities in Queens that are landmark districts.

If Sunnyside Gardens gets this distinction, will they follow suit and let other communities twist in the wind?

Tony the Tour Guy said...

But let us not forget those people from Astoria, Forest Hills and Richmond Hill who DID testify on our behalf. THANKS!! If I left anyone out, my apologies.

Anonymous said...

hey, tony, cut the meaningless compliments and respond to the concerns.