Monday, April 30, 2007

A fresh look at St. Saviour's

A painting showing the future of St. Saviour's has recently been made available. This looks really nice, guys!

More here: St. Saviour's plans unveiled

Not to be outdone, Pinky released his own rendering of the St. Saviour's property, showing the proposal he and Parkside have been working on with the developer to save the church and allow for building around it:

"There may not be much green left on the property after this is built, but there'll be plenty lining the inside of my pockets!" he is reported to have said.


Anonymous said...

Boy that Dennis Gallagher sure is original. To try and beat the Juniper Park Civic his forms his own civic.

Then to answer Queens Crap he forms his own blog.

Now to save St. Saviour's he tries to sell his crap.

Pinky has no brain.

georgetheatheist said...

Parkside Group = Verrrrminnn!

(Are you reading this you little martini swizzling rodent and Tom Manton-factotum, Bill Driscoll?)

verdi said...

It looks like the "Pink Pansy" and Parkside approves of putting up a wall of ugly buildings around St. Saviour's!

What a piece of unmitigated bona fide crap!

Gallagher needs a brain-enema and Evan Stavisky needs to be given a good dose of Castor Oil!

Anonymous said...

"Gallagher needs a brain-enema and Evan Stavisky needs to be given a good dose of Castor Oil!"

Please, guys, lets leave this on the high school boy's room wall.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that "Fedders Wall" graphic isn't QueensCrap's own photoshop work? Putting words into Gallagher's mouth is also unprofessional.

Anonymous said...

Council Member is the worst kind of politician. He is always trying to position himself as the good guy, has no respect for his constituency, and is what little power he had has gone to his head.

Everyone should spread the word about this corrupt politician.

Anonymous said...

As usual George is right on. The Parkside Group are a bunch of political hacks made up of the Queens Tammany Manton abusers. The Driscoll led faction gravitates to Gallagher because they are old partners in the usual corrupt politics in Queens County.

Parkside is fast becoming a dirty word in NYC politics.

Watch for breaking news as investigators make the connection with the Board Of Election.

Anonymous said...

Porno Pinky. His every action, his every word is devoted to his own enrichment, and he doesn't care that we all know it and publicize it.

He is as totally incapable of shame as are any one of the dog turds left all over the park by the members of his new "civic".

Well, I propose that it's time to open up and publicize the file that's been kept secret for so long out of some misguided sense of kindness towards this pervert.

Has he earned that kindness?

Pass the ammunition!

Anonymous said...

The JPCA proposal is phenomenal, and respects the countless neighborhood residents and preservationists who favor St. Saviour's in its entirety, and aligns with the Mayor's 2030 Plan. Anything short is a tragedy. I pray the Fedders never get built.

What will we accomplish by eliminating trees and pristine land (with ties to early settlers)? It would only teach generations to come that overdevelopment, and needless destruction of our architecture, history, and culture is necessary. Look closely, & you'll see that Gallagher's Fedder proposal includes graffiti on the shoddy wooden fence.

Gallagher, did you forget the meaning of your constituency?

Queens Crapper said...

Are you sure that "Fedders Wall" graphic isn't QueensCrap's own photoshop work?


Putting words into Gallagher's mouth is also unprofessional.

I didn't realize blogs were now held up to white collar standards.

Anonymous said...

If you want a realistic version of the Pinky-Parkside plan, you could probably just erase the entire church. If Dennis gets his buddy the zoning variance, what's to stop the Israeli from wrecking the church after all? Good faith? Not even Pinky is stupid enough to buy into that.

Anonymous said...

No, but Pinky does think his constituents are that stupid. They are a lot smarter than he thinks!

Anonymous said...

"Are you sure that "Fedders Wall" graphic isn't QueensCrap's own photoshop work? Putting words into Gallagher's mouth is also unprofessional."

It's called satire, dimwit!

Anonymous said...

Dimwit? Are you talking about Jake?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone verify that Pinky was seen in a classy restaurant, sitting at a table with an extra long tablecloth down over his lap, and several women seated across from him, watching him with disgust as he was masticating even while he had some food in his mouth?

All this right at the window!

Anonymous said...

Don't you posters find it interesting that this location, perhaps the most important spot without protection, is not only ignored by the Manhattan-centric preservation community in this thread, but in general. Have you heard a peep from them recently?

How about that 4 boro group that wanted to allow development as their 'compromise.' Another group of 'winnas.' Big help there.

The bastards.

It is no longer acceptable for them to ignore us. It is no longer acceptable for them to add to our problems, rather than help us.

If they continue to refuse us, they shall wake up one day at our level.

No threat. Just a promise.

Anonymous said...

"High school" boy is at it again!

It's the kind of rhetoric these 2 deserve fella!

Anonymous said...

Please review the lack of political effort on behalf of St. Saviour's. I grew up around the corner from St. Saviour's on Maspeth Avenue. I moved to Virginia in 1988.

I read that Mayor Bloomberg won't help even though he has more than $4 billion in surplus funds.

I read that the local Councilman, a Republican named Dennis Gallagher, is actually working against saving the property and he shamelessly got the owner to hire his friend's lobby firm.

This is exactly what many Republicans do every single day in this country.

I miss my old neighborhood and am saddened by the news that St. Saviour's might be lost.

Growing up in Maspeth we had a profound respect for the old church property and I can't believe that the leadership in NYC would let this historic property be developed.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog from the Juniper Park website. Many of the stories on your site are interesting but for me, very distressing. Three years ago I moved to Boca Raton, Florida after living in Maspeth for 57 years. I miss our town so much that words cannot describe how I miss the days spent with my friends.
I'm distressed to read about St. Savior's. The details make my blood boil. The greed, political corruption and ignorance that seems to be revolving around the church should not be tolerated.
There was so much promise when Michael Bloomberg took over as mayor but it seems he has acquiesced to his developer buddies.
If St. Savior's were lost it would be the biggest blow to Maspeth since the Long Island Expressway cut us in half and the town was never the same after that.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg wants to create more residential units at any cost. Why would he care about an historic church and property?

As for Dennis P. Gallagher, he has always been concerned about what benefits him and he will do anything to achieve that, including both illegal and immoral. The man is one of the worst pathological liars in politics.

Anonymous said...

Lock up ye ol' bastard Gallagher & throw away the key!