Tuesday, April 24, 2007

News from Nassau

The NY Times examines overdevelopment in Nassau County, which sounds an awful lot like overdevelopment in parts of Queens County:

“There used to be a charming little house here on a heavily wooded lot, with pepperidge and cedar and some beech trees,” said Kevin Kobs, a longtime resident of the neighborhood who stopped to watch the last stages of the clearing and grading of a lot bought by a home builder last year. “They tore down the house, ripped out the trees, and now they’re going to put up one of these, these ...[pieces of Queens Crap!]”

Views Clash Among Neighbors as Builders Destroy Old for New

Photo from NY Times

Meanwhile, Nassau County has purchased Meyer's Farm in Woodbury, saving it from development:

Aid sews up future for farm

Similarly, the Klein Farm in Fresh Meadows would be a good buy for NYC.

Photo from Hours of Darkness


Anonymous said...

Well once they've overdeveloped Queens, it's natural that they would spread east, north and west. I wish they would go south on a boat and never return!

Anonymous said...

It's also great that you got a taste of your own medicine Crapper with the Patriots site. We even beat you with great coverage in the Daily News today. You're not getting the hits you once were getting and the same two or three losers are blogging.

Nice to see your comments are dwindling because your stories suck.

Time to flush!

Queens Crapper said...

Nice to see that you visit Queens Crap daily. Please keep linking to us. We have had more than 10,000 hits just this week and about 1,500 just yesterday, in part thanks to you!

Queens Crapper said...

P.S. Tell Pinky I said "hi!"

verdi said...

The Klein Farm.....ha, ha, ha! Tommy Huang still owns it....doesn't he?

But he should feel at home amidst all that manure!