Friday, April 20, 2007

Tale of the 2 boro tunnel

The Crapper read these articles this morning and thought it strange that 3 men from Brooklyn who were caught vandalizing subway tunnels between 2 Brooklyn stations were being charged by the Queens DA:

Queens: 3 Accused of Defacing Tunnels

3 Vandals Charged in Brooklyn Subway Graffiti Bust

A look at the subway map reveals that while the stops appear to be in Brooklyn, the tunnel is in Queens!

Just one of those NYC quirks.


Anonymous said...

I can clear some of this up
...I lived in Ridgewood (Seneca and Norman) as As the tunnel goes down Wyckoff ave between Halsey and Myrtle one track is in Brooklyn one track in Queens. This is just about where there is a 2 track "Lay-up" (off duty train storage) between the 2 stations. Graffiti artists like to hit the parked trains.

Been 20 years I see much hasn't changed.


georgetheatheist said...

Makes no difference to me where they where apprehended; they should receive the punishment meted out in Singapore: a flogging.

"Revenge is ours, to hell with the Lord."

(BTW, Thank you CM Vallone for keeping the heat on these vermin graffiti bastards.)

Anonymous said...


Queens DA Richard Brown is aggressive in prosecuting graffiti vandals.

These three are each about 22 years old. Figure they've been vandalizing for up to 8 or so years. Seven years is too easy for these three. Flogging would be great.

Do you know that many graffiti vandals, while in a cell after arrest, will vandalize the cell with even more graffiti, with coins, if necessary.

Graffiti is a compulsion much like porn and pedophilia.

Anonymous said...

Hate to thow cold water on you boys, but although graffiti arrests are up, almost none get prosecuted.

Between easy judges, and parents bailing the kids out, etc. the 'war' on graffiti, like cell towers, exists mainly in the paper for p.r.

The fact is graffiti is getting worse. The only way to stop it is to ban it. This can be done if the city council can tear itself away from baseball bats and street naming and tackle some tough legislation.

Of course, the building industry and landlord lobby will block it.

Anonymous said...

You may be correct about the judges, bail from mommies, etc., but a new law is soon to go into effect.

Any commercial property, or any building with more than 6 residential units will be required to remove graffiti within 3 or so days, or be billed for the cleanup and be fined.

Each instance of a given "tag" will count as one felony.

The police will photograph every reported tag and enter it in a "book". Tags will be examined much like fingerprints.

When the police arrest a vandal, the police will look for every instance of his tag in this book. The vandal will be charged for every vandalism.

We play a part: see the vandals in action - call 911; see the results later - call 311.

If you remove graffiti from a location, notify the local precinct. The precinct will schedule surveillance, and now be aware that the location is clean starting on such-and-such date.

Anonymous said...

The NYPD "Vandal squad" (who deals with this crime) is a rubber gun squad. That's the problem. No adequate enforcement. A couple of Starsky & Hutch wanna-be hot shot types who are outnumbered. I've personally dealt with them!

I'm more concerned with the ease in which a potential terrorist can gain such easy access to tunnels. The hell, in this case, with grafitti!

Glad to see the tunnels are being watched for whatever purpose....grafitti or general safety.