Friday, April 27, 2007

Bills for better building inspections

New legislation is being proposed by council members to allow the DOB greater access to buildings in order for them to complete their inspections:

Bill would give teeth to building inspections

City Council bills could curb Department of Buildings' faults


Anonymous said...

wow, you got to be kidding me,right

I believe that civic courses are required in one's education in order to become a city council member. So why waste tax money with trying to repeal the fourth amendment of the United States Constitution at the local level by allowing searchs of people homes on anonymous complaints. Or is living in NYC different from the country, where the rights and freedoms of the Americans who have been dying since 1776 to uphold and protect.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this same rule is in effect now. The Dept can go to a judge and obtain a search warrant to go in. However, in that case, the person who made the complaint does not remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I think they need just cause on top of the anonymous complaint. For example, if there are extra doorbells, gas meters, etc. that would be corroborating evidence.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind this if it were just for the complaint that was made. If someone reports that you have an illegal apartment, and you allow inspectors in and there is no illegal apartment, then they shouldn't be able to summons you for a washer in the basement or a pool too close to the lot line.

Anonymous said...

The Geisha girl couldn't care less for the Fourth Amendment.

Melinda-san knows that the first challenge to her fake Intro would result in its being overturned.

But, she could pretend to be "concerned" about various building violations, while actually accomplishing nothing (well, she would accomplish continued kickbacks).

It's our fault that she has her snout in the public trough. We keep voting for candidates who have no primary or general election opposition.

She got elected because she "sings". Now look at what this fool does to you.

Anonymous said...

We did "our bit" to get 14 plus crooked building inspectors fined, fired or jailed years back.

It took the DOI and the FBI to accomplish this daunting task.

Now.....much later.... the City finally wakes up that DOB needs some flushing out! Hooray for the late comers!

We'll believe in an improved DOB when we can finally see it!