Sunday, April 29, 2007

Crappy is blue and Tyler too

Here we have 51-49 64th Street, aka 64-09 Tyler Avenue in Woodside. This corner property was once the side yard to 51-45 64th Street. If someone can decipher the plan for this, please let us know.
Next door, on a fence, is this illegally hung advertisement for a realtor, which not only is an eyesore because of its garishness, but also because it has graffiti sprayed across it. These properties thankfully face a cemetery and not other residences.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if real estate signs, or signs for contractors are illegal if they're placed on private property, with the permission of the property owner?

There seems to be an epidemic of these sprouting up in eastern Queens. Contractors' signs are being placed on fences, especially on corner properties. It's obvious that no work is going on at these places, it's just advertising. The companies probably make a small payment to the property owner for this.

Isn't there some law that restricts this?

verdi said...

Once again we see those familiar Renaissance style balconies in a desperate attempt to add "class" to this emerging eyesore development!

Gag! And what are these architectural low class abortions selling for? At least a 1/2 million dollars, I suspect!

Anonymous said...

Frontage on 64 Street is 29 feet. How were two addresses created when the minimum lot width for R4 attached houses is 18 feet?

Anonymous said...

The telling document is here -- note the use at the top - 1,2,3 family and then down in the middle of the screen - J-2 Residential apt house:

permit info

Anonymous said...'s typical.....
there are two different lot# permits for a construction (tear-down) site that's got a 60' frontage in my single family zoned neighborhood. You'd need 80' for two lots.

The address is 33-31 165th Street, Flushing, N.Y. 11358.

The permits are issued to 33-31 and 33-33!

Is somebody about to try to pull a fast one?

Anonymous said...

RE 165 Street addresses, yes, they are. R2 requires 40 foot frontage each. See metes and bounds at bottom of application: 60 x 100.

Also check DOF ACRIS for Block 5250 Lots 27 and 28 which are supposedly combined on the DOB BIS application. Schedule A in each lot's deed is identical and shows property to be 100 x 40 (both lots 27/28).

Lastly, the Zoning Resolution says that buildings must be a prescribed distance from each other on the same lot--20 feet between them. See Zoning Resolution 23-711

I'd definitely say that someone is trying to pull a fast one!

Anonymous said...

Block 5250 Lots 27/28 -- Maybe they are building just a one family house. The old address has been destroyed.

Lots 27/28 measured 40 x 100. That is fine in an R2.

Anonymous said...

Merged lots 27 and 28 have not been filed in DOF ACRIS. Correct procedure is this form

and instructions here.

Who is responsible for checking this information?