Thursday, April 19, 2007

Now why did that fall down?

The NY Observer writes this week that many engineers aren't surprised at the recent wave of building collapses:

Engineers Crow ‘I Told You So’ at Building Collapses

“You don’t have to be licensed for demolition in New York City, so you have guys that do not know what they are doing,” Mr. Tortorella said. “When the city is this busy with construction, you wind up with a lot of unsupervised demolition and construction work going on.”

Hiring illegals who have no construction training promotes collapses as well. But let's not allow a few dead bodies to get in the way of "progress."

Photo from NY Observer

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a 19th century"robber baron" attitude our mayor has!

Nothing should slow down the mega-building of the city....lest his builder buddies are underfed with projects!

No concerns for safety first....with a DOB that's crooked & totally inept!

Keep on building over the corpses of construction workers trapped in the rubble of botched demolition!

Your administration will also collapse and be buried under the debris!