Sunday, April 22, 2007

New blog for central Queens

This website focusing on issues of concern to central Queens (Forest Hills/Kew Gardens area) was recently launched:

Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it might be just another neighborhood thing, like (ok for high school kids and college freshmen) and licnyc (real estate junkies.)

Nothing like Crap. The funny thing is how the newspapers try to downplay it (just another Middle Village catfight)Sorry boys.

Queens Crap is truly borough wide.

David M. Quintana said...

thanks for the link...i'll check it out...

Anonymous said...

"Any congressman will tell you, after a few stiff drinks, that kowtowing to the party is a close second, but pandering to the constituents is Job One."

(Yawn) What is the point of this blog? This quote is the same garbage we read in the weaklies.

If this will be their style, then we may conclude new medium, same stale message.

For the record, with the press singing the chorus, the constituents are played like a fiddle.