Saturday, April 28, 2007

Jamaica Home Scam

A woman who thought she owned a corner lot in Jamaica was really the victim of a scam artist:

Jamaica woman says man scammed her out of home

"Makhani allegedly forged the signatures of homeowners on property records and artificially inflated the prices of the homes, flipping them several times through corporations under his control before selling the homes to legitimate buyers who were unaware of the scheme."

Screenshot from Windows Live Local.


Anonymous said...

Very, very sad for these homeowners. I wonder what can be done for them.

Anonymous said...

Where's Betsy Gotbaum in this?

Anonymous said...

He's "flipped" the homes? Don't these corporations need to pay the taxes on these home transfers each time?

Anonymous said...

A word of caution:
Buy identity theft insurance. Adding it onto your home owner's insurance premiums costs about an additional $25. a year.........and be careful!