Friday, April 20, 2007

Richmond Hill Republican Club sold!

"...less than 30 minutes before the auction began, club representative Joseph Kasper, standing in front of Hart’s bench with a cellular phone in hand, told the judge that a friend of the club was prepared to wire $100,000 into an established escrow account. The deposit, made by James Ortenzio, the former chairman of the New York Republican County Committee, displayed his legitimate interest in keeping the 99-year-old building off the auction block..."

Former Party Boss Vows To Purchase Landmark

"Councilman Dennis Gallagher (R-Middle Village) told Hart that he, along with Councilwoman Melinda Katz (D-Forest Hills), would petition the City Council to purchase the property and turn it into a community center...But according to Jake LaSala, Gallagher’s representative at the hearing last week, neither Gallagher nor Katz could garner the momentum necessary to have their proposal seriously debated by the council."

You mean the Queen of Queens Crap and her Court Jester have no clout amongst their colleagues at the City Council? Pity...

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

The truth is they never tried.

Anonymous said...

The Queen of Canoodling is gettin' olde n' losin' her looks!....n'....."Pinky" is gettin' pinker by the day!

What have they got to sell in the influence peddling game anymore?

H-m-m-m....I agree.....they never tried!

Anonymous said...

Not only did they never try, the reason for that is they both knew that there is nobody who would trust any of their investment money to be under the control of either one of this corrupt pair?

Every developers knows that neither can be trusted with taxpayer funds, so why deal with cheesy, lying grifters?

They might have many lapdance partners, but which of them would trust either of this pair.

They are the laughing stock of the Council of fools!

They should go back to Gallagher's Island and play with each other.

Anonymous said...

The less than dynamic duo of Queens have struck out once again.

What an loser Dennis Gallagher is in the city council. He has absolutely no clout whatsoever and even less respect.

Katz has more brains than Gallagher but is bored out of her skull and never should have been in politics.


This is no laughing matter but she has a serious case of Attention Deficit Disorder. Ask her doctor.

Anonymous said...

DO WE REALLY NEED THESE TWO CROOKS? It is raining Katz and Pigs.

Anonymous said...

Politician distemper or Poleukopenia uno ballo, is an infectious disease that affects Katz, Pink Pigs, and several forms of other lowlifes. The female that it affects will have symtoms of an extremely high pitch voice and say umm a lot. A genuine lack of attention is also evident.

The male will turn a bright shade of pink, loses his hair, remains quite short and is untrustworthy to a dangerous level.

Caution: Do not turn your back on these animals.

Anonymous said...

what should be done if we discover that our councilperson is afflicted with this disease?

Anonymous said...

If you are aware that a politician has this affliction, you must alert the general public. If you come in direct contact with this disease, mostly through a handshake with the politician, immediately immerse the hand (up to the forearm) in a strong disinfectant. If an unclean feeling still persists, a delousing procedure must be performed, this is best done at your local hospital.

See the article titled: "Oh no DPG Touched Me" in the U.S. Center for Disease Control (March 2006) newsletter.

Anonymous said...

What a great record both Gallagher and Katz have in preserving our historic buildings.

Anonymous said...

I once shook hands with Councilman Gallagher after he shook hands with Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin. Is there any hope for me?

Anonymous said...

I can top that, I once kissed Melinda Katz!

Anonymous said...

Dear "How much longer do I have:" Symptoms of "Poleukopenia uno ballo" (I'll just call it "Uno Ballo," for short) come in various degrees of severity. If you have the uncontrollable urge to tell lies, harass everyone, live underground (a basement will do) and surround yourself with circus people including a stuttering dumb-ass attorney, then there is no hope. Just try and make yourself comfortable until the feds close in on you. Otherwise see info above.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with taxpayer. Gallagher is a laughing stock of the council of fools.

Imagine not being able to "garner the momentum necessary to have their proposal seriously debated by the council." Even with the chair of the Land Use Committee (Me-Linda Katz) as your ally, Gallagher couldn't garner the momentum. The only support the corrupt Gallagher could garner is when he pays people off. He should call his crooked building consultant buddy, Ron Lattanzio to help him. Or he should call another crook, Brian McLaughlin to help him come up with money. Oh, yeah that's right, McLaughlin already gave him dirty money.

All the council members know that Gallagher is so untrustworthy that no one will listen or deal with him.

By the way, imagine having Jake LaSala as your attorney? Talk about nightmares.

Anonymous said...

We understand that C.M. alley-Katz does a good lap dance while she's deftly going through your pockets!

Then she buries her loot in her litter box!

As for "Pinky" Gallagher.......we understand that he coats his head with Vaseline......for obvious purposes!