Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jamaica rezone rejected a second time

Looks like City Planning's plan for Jamaica might have to go back to the drawing board:

Two Community Boards Vote To Oppose Jamaica Rezone

According to Gennaro, the reasons for the rejection by Community Board 8 were residents’ concerns about a lack of infrastructure and the impact of increased development in what many feel is already an overcrowded area.

Jamaica rezone plan voted down

In the opinion of St. Albans Councilman Leroy Comrie, the negative votes from the boards were a response to fears of overdevelopment. “The fears that people have about increased density are pretty much universal,” he said.

Oh, I thought if you were against overdevelopment then you were a racist. Maybe Johnny Liu will have to rethink his position on that.

Community Boards are just "advisory," right? Now it moves onto the Boro Prez's office.

President Helen Marshall has raised questions about the plan's effect on the area's schools and transit infrastructure.

Uh oh!


Anonymous said...


Someone is reading ol Crappie!

Anonymous said... you mean that over development can actually have an adverse affect on infrastructure?

Wow....I didn't know that! Glad to see some others are on the we can all sleep peacefully! H-m-m-m!

Anonymous said...

Hey no problem. You are in the wrong part of Queens.

Like a painted tramp the 'community board from hell' will accept any offer.

Go west young man, go west.

Anonymous said...

Borough President Helen Marshall will hold her Land Use Public Hearing on this issue this coming Thursday, April 26, at 10:30 a.m. at Borough Hall in Kew Gardens.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone questioning the role of Greater Jamaica Development Corp in all of this? I hear they are scooping up or control a lot of property, like the site for this new monster hotel on the SE corner of Sutphin and Archer. They are signing the ownership documents! Who is pocketing that $? The community? I don't think so,