Saturday, April 21, 2007

New library for LIC

Six years and $9.4 million and this was the best design they could come up with?

New L.I.C. Library Poised For Early June Opening

And it may even be closed on weekends. Fabulous.

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

"Despite early objections from P.S. 111, which lost a 2,500-foot corner of its playground to accommodate the new building, library officials promise the new “campus” will be to the students’ benefit."

God forbid they would take one of those 'gas stations' 'rundown buildings' 'empty lots' that seem to define the neighborhood as a place for out of scale 10 story buildings.

Take away a playgound from the kids that are children of immigrants. They are the 'tweeded' so no one will say anything and if anyone that can, they will say nothing.

Anonymous said...

I remember when they took away a playground at the Variety Club for yet another monster building. I believe someone behind that little stunt was also sitting on the library board.

They were supposed to landscape that place for the kids too.

Yea, sure.

Question: how many empty promises does it take before you lose credibility with the public?

Anonymous said...

What more does anyone want from an illiterate mayor?

This is a sanctuary city. But that's not a compassionate impulse for immigrants, legal or illegal. The sanctuary city is for employers to exploit these people.

So, why open a library on a weekend for these ignoramuses when they'll never have a job that requires them to read anyway?

And, why not make it cheap and ugly? These people deserve no respect.

Anonymous said...

Good taxpayer. Let us expose over and over again the the hollowness of the clubhouse when the gush over the immigrants.

Again, most of us are direct offspring of immigrants. We know what it is really about.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Lenny D' Amico (son of Gloria) has gotten a lot of library re-construction jobs in that true?

Does anybody have any info on this?