Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The value of street trees

Factoring in the costs associated with planting and upkeep, New York City’s street trees provide an annual benefit of about $122 million, according to the Parks Department. The study concludes that New York receives $5.60 in benefits for every dollar spent on trees.

Maybe Only God Can Make a Tree, but Only People Can Put a Price on It

Trees in lower-density areas, typically in Queens and on Staten Island, are generally more valuable than those in Manhattan and high-density areas of Brooklyn and the Bronx because they provide the greatest environmental benefits, according to Fiona Watt, chief of forestry and horticulture for the city.

The tree census found that Queens has about 40 percent of the city’s street trees, followed by Brooklyn, with about 25 percent; Staten Island, with about 16 percent; the Bronx, with about 10 percent; and Manhattan, with roughly 8 percent.

Photo of "majestic silver maple tree in front of 91-32 71st Avenue in Forest Hills, Queens" from NY Times


Anonymous said...

With 40% of the city's trees and a huge percent of its land mass and a hefty per capita tax contribution to the city's coffers....... how come Tierney, Betts & Co. at the LPC , or, "Lazy Partners in Crime" (to Bloomberg and his builder buddies) is still treating Queens like crap when it doles out its LANDMARKS ? !!!!!!!!!

Because they expect Queensites to roll over and keep taking the punishment!

Those days are over boys....we're kicking ass now not kissing it!

Just you wait until we all get fitted for our new iron boots!

Anonymous said...

I'd love for someone to take a survey of how many councilmembers and other officials (LPC included) have paved over their front yards &/or cut down trees, if they are a homeowner, or have financed projects that would knowingly destroy trees. That would be a great assignment for Crappy. What do you say, Queenscrap?

Anonymous said...

What is needed is a public education program on this. I never read about this in the paper nor do any of my elected officials ever discuss this.

I tried to convince my neighbor (who has a tree pit) to plant a tree. He said that they (?) told him it clogs drains and the leaves clog sewers and they (?) did not favor it. He cemented it over and is not talking to me.

No surprise as to who 'they' might me. I live in Queens CB 1, which has the fewest trees in Queens.

Anonymous said...

you can chop down a tree, any tree. Just pay a bribe to the parks department.