Sunday, April 22, 2007

QCC meets DOB

Both the Times Ledger and Queens Tribune covered a meeting that Queens Civic Congress held with DOB Commissioner Patricia Lancaster. It didn't always go as smoothly as she had expected:

DOB Admits Its Flaws, Touts Web Advances

“Your job is to protect us,” said Bellerose resident Michael Agugliaro. “There needs to be infrastructure. You’re talking about building for 2030, but you’re building on a foundation that is faulty.” Agugliaro was concerned about bringing new residents into areas of Queens that were already saturated with large multi-family homes built contrary to zoning.

Boro leaders fight illegal building

Kerzner proposed tracking architects who self-certify plans, enforcing building code compliance, setting up a program like the NYPD's CompStat that could keep tabs on buildings, establishing cyclical inspections of buildings and converting environmental control board summonses to tax liens if they are not paid within one year of issuance.

Photo of DOB Commissioner Patricia Lancaster from


Anonymous said...

Will DOB improve? I hope I can see it in my lifetime...... but not under this mayor I'm afraid.

Bloomberg likes the situation exactly as it is. It helps his builder buddies skirt the law more easily!

DOB=Dept. of BS!

Anonymous said...

what kind of photo is this?

Anonymous said...

It's the creative portrait, she had a makeover to look like she trendy.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that photo makes me feel so much better about the leadership at the Department of Bumblers err Buildings.

Anonymous said...

Hello Big Brother (Sister)

NYPD tactics to track Architects, Builders and Tax Payers?

Welcome to National Socialism
for the new century.