Friday, April 20, 2007

The piano man of LIC

When Dr. Angelo Acquista learned in late 2005 that the former Sohmer & Co. piano factory building at Vernon Blvd. and 31st Ave. in Long Island City was on the market, he was immediately interested.

The piano man of Long Island City

"I am very attached to the area. I have many fond memories of growing up in the area," said Acquista, a physician and clinical instructor at Lenox Hill Hospital and a best-selling author.

"We want to preserve the building and agreed to have it landmarked," said the doctor-turned-developer.

Photo from NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

A doctor ("well healed,"apparently) turned developer, turned preservationist! H-m-m-m! I'll believe in such miracles when they're delivered!

What other properties does he own?

Let's hope for the best. The record in Queens, regarding "sympathetic developers" hasn't proven to be very good!

We might have to be content with a bone that's been tossed to us saving just the clock tower in the old Trolley Barn project on Northern Blv'd. as an abreviated example of historic preservation!

We're all hoping that this developer is a man of vision and his word.

Anonymous said...

This guy owns the water lots across Vernon. Wonder what he will do to that.

Anonymous said...

I remember when he tried to grab Socrates from the community. He had every local official from this board's favorite community board all lined up ("go along with it and we will put in new sidewalks and improve sanitation" - in other words, we will let you enjoy your taxes for your services if you let the developer take away a park from your children)

Parks Commissioner Stern, in contrast to the local leadership, and to his credit, stopped that travesty.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how may stories he intends to put on TOP of that building.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, this is the same guy that tried to buy Socrates and convert it to a luxury development. Now that Suna is involved in Socrates, they are buddies working together?!?

Interesting .... stay tuned ...

Anonymous said...

The 1st poster responds.....Thanks for all of your quick replies!

That sounds like a whole lot of crap to digest.

I guess we shouldn't plan to expect much from DR. Developer!

I guess he's learned that old, "keep your friends close and your enemies (the naive preservationists) closer" form of doing business!

Anonymous said...

Interesting, how developers Suna and Aquiesto have cut a deal for getting Socrates at 5000 sq feet.

It seems as if the cultural institutions along the waterfront (that LICCA group) has as little to do with the community as possible (aside with some little face painting things for kids and the like).

PS1 is (in)famous for this, for example.

I guess the developers are not only building housing that will exclude the community (as residents and also from enjoying their birthright along the waterfront) but they are putting in a cultural infrastucture for them too!