Saturday, April 28, 2007

Forest Park tennis courts in crappy shape

Woodhaven residents complain about the condition of tennis courts at Forest Park:

Our tennis courts get no love!

In an interview with the Daily News, Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski said the price tag could reach $1 million. But [Lana] Stein, who plays frequently at the courts, thinks those estimates sound inflated - and that the city is simply making up excuses to justify decades of delayed maintenance. "I'm not going to say it's graft, but certainly something crazy is going on," said Stein, 65.

Photo from Richmond Hill Historical Society


Anonymous said...

You know I used to always think that Queens parks were in terrible shape, "but at least there's Forest Park, which is well-maintained." So much for that.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the city is spending millions on a dog run for the east side yet this is how people parks are treated.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy Lewandowski? Well she is committed to every acre of Flushing Meadows. I am sure she's as committed to Forest Park!

Anonymous said...

They spend tons of your taxes and their time on people they want to 'tweed.'

Tennis in Forest Park?

Now, that doesn't register on that radar!

Anonymous said...

Lana Stein might be too intimidated by the abrasive and impudent Lewandowski, but, I'm not.

Bloomberg is involved in graft, along with Benepe. Lewandowski - don't forget, she has her job at the expense of a minority who was bypassed (that's documented fact) - hasn't the character, integrity or spine to stand up to the two grifters calling the shots.

So, she turns on taxpaying park users to get them to just shut up and go away!

These are your parks, not Bloomberg's or Benepe's. They took your taxes. They never explained that your tax money was to go to contractors, and over priced projects that you never get to see or use.

When you're disgusted with Bloomberg arrogant, impudent, corruption, call 311 to tell him.

[What City Council member gave Stein the rude brushoff? Lana, if you let us know the name, we'll publicize it.]

Anonymous said...

The Parks Dep't assumes that only upper-class people play tennis, so middle-class parks like Forest Park are left neglected.

Stereotyping by class is wrong. The inner-city also deserves its chance at tennis, golf, and other "refined" sports.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg has been deliberately running a two-tier park system for quite some time.

Bloomberg says if you have the right zip code, your park will be properly maintained and attractive.

Too bad if your zip code is on the Bloomberg shit list.

Here's the Bloomberg rule: Only Precious People (the ones who throw elegant cocktail parties in public buildings - court houses, museums, city hall - off-limits to the Little People) get tax paid attention. Little People? Screw them! And, use tax money to screw them!

Anonymous said...

Hey....Forest Hills is in similarly "crappy shape" with all of the out of context overbuilding that's going on.

Why shouldn't the tennis courts reflect that same phenomena?

Thanks be to people like "FH Guy" who advocate for projects like Heskel's Hotel!

Forest Hills is going out of control......from a "mini-urban enclave" to a "mega-city"! And Melinda Katz "sits on the throne".....we mean "crapper"!