Thursday, April 26, 2007

Seeing the light

Mayor Bloomberg was humble enough to admit that the city needs to do a better job of conserving energy:

Well, watt-a-ya-know

"We can always do better," Bloomberg said. "You can rest assured my staff was on the phone early this morning finding out how we're going to make sure the lights aren't on going into the future."

It will be formally revealed today that we once again have a SURPRISE $4.4B CITY SURPLUS. This is because a Geyser of tax revenues has his the city. How about some more building inspectors? City planners? Ok, let me stop now.


Anonymous said...

Now maybe Bloomberg will find time to fix the FAA lightbulb in Flushing Meadows Park.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is a cold gutted shark who has no interest at all in using the city's surplus $$$$$$$$$ to do anything decent for resident New Yorkers except his already wealthy pals in the real estate/development business!

The plan is to make NYC sort of an an urban theme park....a play land for the rich and famous and the who's who of foreign investors.

Starve out the middle class by overtaxing them out of their homes and flipping these properties to the open market!

The... NEW..., New York will leave no room for us little guys.....only the well healed and tourists (provided they bring money)!

Purple Pinky said...

Perhaps our local Councilman can use his influence with the Mayor to...Oh, that's right, he's managed to alienate the mayor as well.

Anonymous said...

See the light? I thought that kind of light radiated from the faces of Saints!

All I can see in Bloomberg are the horns, cloven hooves, forked tongue arrow headed tail!