Friday, April 20, 2007

Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island...Philly?

A plan to speed up Amtrak's Acela service is part of the plan to make Philadelphia within commutable distance to NYC:

New Amtrak Service Could Boost ‘the Sixth Borough'

Philadelphia is the Crapper's 2nd favorite city. It's been preserved and planned out a hell of a lot better than NYC.

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Anonymous said...

Philly in an hour? Now that's cool. Those trains scare me, though.

Anonymous said...

Yes, so what? How many times do you take the train to Philly? How many times to you take the subway to the city? The subway network was built 100 years ago when much of NYC was farmland, and has hardly expanded since then.

The Economist just did an article on NYC subways pointing out the system’s "antiquated and neglected tracks and tunnels." It further states the MTA has forecasted unprecedented deficits over the next three years up to $1.8 billion in 2010.

It goes on to state that "a recent report by the city comptroller accuses the agency of not spending enough money to keep its infrastructure from collapsing. An MTA internal memo revealed the agency is over budget on bid projects by $1.4 million."

Now if this be true, why are we only getting news about ground breaking projects as we ramp up to another million.

Now if this be true, the city officials are endangering the lives of New Yorkers.

Now if this be true, the newspapers are covering up this and are parties to this scandal by doing so.

The Economist goes on to speculate that the deficit will have to be made up by the riders of the system. Yet another example of how the developers get profits only by sticking the regular guy with the costs.

PS Since the Courier etc. are wasting people’s time with pulling for more development, and not writing about something useful like these transit reports (which we had to find in a magazine published in London), perhaps Crap can track them down and publish them.

Anonymous said...

I agree with "the crapper"....Phily is a great town for history.

Despite what comedian W.C. Fields said to the contrary....I'd rather be in Philadelphia.....the way thing are going in NYC!

Anonymous said...

It's only been preserved because there's no demand. In NYC, there's demand and a rush to build new buildings. I agree with you on the (lack of) architectural integrity of these new buildings, but I'd still rather be here than in Philly.