Tuesday, April 24, 2007

West Side wants lower density

Even parts of Manhattan are sick of oversized buildings:

Low & behold, W. Side rezone plan

"Under the plan, which must go through several levels of public review including the local community board and the City Council, building heights would be limited to 145 feet, or about 14 stories."

Meanwhile, Behold, a Mini-City Rises

"It’s Canary Wharf on the waterfront. Millions of feet of office space, thousands of apartments—Bloomberg’s developers dream big in the Far West Side"

Photo from NY Observer


Anonymous said...

So you live in Manhattan but don't like big buildings. According to some people who post here, you shouldn't complain.

Anonymous said...

You can always (heaven forbid) move to Queens (you'll need a passport and immunization shots)....but please don't bring your super-sized buildings with you!