Thursday, April 26, 2007

Forget Florida!

The New York Post writes about 2 Queens NORCs - short for "Naturally Occuring Retirement Communities" - in its real estate section today. Deepdale Gardens and the Big Six are featured:

ON GOLDEN PAD (We linked to page 2 because that's where the Queens communities are mentioned)

“Our goal is to promote successful aging,” says Gale Kolidas, director of Deepdale Gardens’ 6-year-old NORC program. “Some residents look at us as a safety net - some place for them to turn to.”

Photo from NY Post


Anonymous said...

One thing is certain. The machine doesn't give two sh*ts on the Middle Class or the people that have been here. They complain, they don't need the bag of goods the machine has to offer, they don't particularly like (often with good reason) the machine's 'tweeded,' and their ultimate sin, they don't often vote for the machine.

Now there will always be, however, an element without the resources or interest to leave, generally the older citizens. To make them happy, the machine has a dozen and one programs to fit their every whim. It doesn't matter that these programs are underfunded or in place only for a year. It gives the machine plenty of photo opts around a beaming oldster. And, since they are retired, its no problem to pile on to buses every year to Albany to get an extention of the latest bone thrown to them.

(Now since the machine cares so much about them, you must think that it has a soft spot for ol' dad and mom. Hell no. How many illegals conversions do they turn a blind eye to for 'mom to move downstairs (read basement).'

The fact of the matter is with all that idle time they vote)

Anonymous said...

Machine....machine....machine....that's all we hear about.

Let's make it simpler for some of you out there!

The (Democratic Party clubhouse) Machine is nothing less than an efficient "meat grinder" and the middle class is Hamburger!

We, about to become extinct, middle class had better learn to see those Tom Manton successors for what they really are......political thugs!