Friday, April 27, 2007

A 2nd Walk Through the Meadows, part 3

QC sometimes like to have fun with photoshop - but we didn't need to do that here. Is Parks sure this isn't going to fall on someone?
This doesn't look very comforting. Good luck figuring out when it's open. From the Crapper's experience in the park it should just say: "Never when you need it"
This statue outside the hall of sciences is called Forms in Transit and dates to the 1964 Fair. It suffered so many years of neglect that part of it corroded and had to be removed ......and the rest of it may eventually follow. Upon close inspection, the statue looks like it is either deteriorating, or perhaps has a strange coating of gunk, as if someone had thrown hot tar all over it. Lovely.
The Parks Department went through all the trouble to emblazen this crapper (with a lower case c) with their symbol, and then doesn't bother to clean up the graffiti or repair the smashed windows.

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Anonymous said...

Wadda ya expect! This ain't Central Park!

Since NYC views Queens as a 4th rate borough, these Benepe and Cooper sponsored eyesores are to be seen everywhere throughout our park......sprinkled , here and there, with occasional muggings, attempted rapes, stabbings etc!!!

Why aren't Adrian and Estelle fired? Their high paying patronage jobs are rewards for their years of "service" to machine politics and represent a level of mediocrity that has existed in Queens for countless years!

It's Spring cleaning once again...... time to weed out the garden and pull out the "dynamic duo" by the roots. The dumpster is waiting!

Anonymous said...

As you ponder this disgrace of contemptuous negligence, consider that Bloomberg - who is responsible for the condition - is trying to distract everyone's attention from his malignant management by blathering on about his "Plan 2030" (or the 1000-year Reich - whichever).

Most of us already know that when we think we need to spend big money to renovate our homes, a second look reveals that really all we need to do is a major housecleaning and some repairs.

Trade the players in for some major league managers and administrators, Bloomberg, set them loose to listen to the taxpayers (what a concept for an arrogant, impudent elitist). Then set them loose to do a major housecleaning and some repairs in this city of - believe it or not Bloomberg: 5 boroughs, each unique and attractive in its own way.

But, clearly, Bloomberg: you need to dump the useless Benepe and his staff. Fix the parks.