Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bringing affordable housing to the Brig

Isn't it great that the city is creating new "affordable housing?"

City to build housing

To the Brig With You! Affordable-Housing Plans Progress Near Navy Yard

It's too bad that they are allowing the existing stock to disappear. One step forward - two steps back.

Drawing from NY Magazine's Daily Intelligencer


Anonymous said...

Who are the Soviet era architects that Bloomberg hired to plan this mammoth, dreary, colorless pile of concrete?

This plan is Bloomberg's attitude towards "Little People" incarnate.

Why do madmen ultimately turn to massive, ugly structures as their legacy? This is an ego-driven narcissist's tax-paid MacMansion.

Anonymous said...

How stupid does that mix of housing look? Small rowhouses sandwiched between behemoth crap! Do they want to make Brooklyn look like parts of Queens?

georgetheatheist said...


In a joint news conference, the Army Corps of Engineers together with the Bloomberg Administration have announced their plans to pave-over the East River with concrete.

This engineering marvel will be accomplished with the construction of Hoover Dam-like barricades south of the Brooklyn Bridge and north of Gracie Mansion.

Rumor has it that this newly acquired land will be the site for condominiums, illegal apartments, or vast fields of tomatoes grown in containers.


Anonymous said...

Don't laugh. There was a proposal to do this about 100 years ago.

You see there is a role for historians in society. Its to point out the ability of man to repeat folly ... and the likely result of the same.

georgetheatheist said...

"There was a proposal to do this about 100 years ago."

Fascinating. That's why we all are RIVETED to this blog site.

Anyone with info on this ancient idea, please post. I'm a student of history.

Anonymous said...

The thing looks like the Hoover Dam with windows.

Anonymous said...

Does it include artist housing or studios?