Thursday, March 1, 2007

Dennis off the deep end

Dear Crappy,

Please post this, it was printed as a letter to the editor in a magazine that I get. The guy wrote a complaint letter to Dennis Gallagher and Gallagher showed up at his house unannounced to confront him! He's so, so sick:

"As you predicted, I did get a call from Dennis Gallagher on Monday after he received my email. He left a message on my machine since I was not yet home from work to get the call. I didn't have a chance to return his call when there was a ring on my bell. Dennis Gallagher appeared at my front door. I was a little taken by surprise just getting home from work shortly before and didn't have the presence of mind to ask him all the questions I wanted to ask him.

He told me as far as me not voting for him again that it wasn't an issue since he does not plan on running for any other public office and that he cannot get reelected since this is second term. After he said that I asked if he had any other aspirations to run for any other public office and he emphatically stated "no." I asked again - "So you are no longer going to be a politician?" he stated, "That is correct."

We will see, I heard it straight from his mouth that he no longer intends to seek public office - if he goes back on his word and I see him on the ballot for any office I will take it that he lied to me directly. He'll probably have an answer for that too saying that he didn't intend to at the time, but he was convinced otherwise or some other such nonsense - That's what I would call talking out of both sides of your mouth.

All I know under Mr. Gallagher's watch is that we lost Neiderstein's, C-Town a neighborhood supermarket on Fresh Pond for a Staples, and possibly even St. Saviour’s - which he also had an answer. He stated he is working out a deal where he can probably save the church, but most of the surrounding land would go towards housing.

Sheesh...the Crapper is almost at a loss for words. Although, I must say, it's interesting that Gallagher is insisting that he isn't running for office. If that is the case, then why is he raising money? It could be because in NYS, you are allowed to:

Retired Politicians Spend Unused Campaign Funds


Dennis said...

OK, I get it, I have bad teeth.

Anonymous said...

If a politician appeared at my door and harrased me after a hard day's work, I'd call the police and have him evicted from MY PRIVATE PROPERTY!

Funny how the "PINK PIG" delivers such personal service when it comes to defending himself against criticism. He should be so quick to respond to important community St. Saviour's.....for instance!

Gallagher, obviously, can't take the heat! In my opinion, maybe he ought to see a therapist!

hooper said...

If a guy who looked like that showed up at my door, I'd call the police even if it wasn't Dennis.

The sad and disturbing thing about Gallagher isn't that he's sold out to developers and lobbyists (most politicians eventually do). What sets him apart is how blatant he is about his inappropriate actions, and his contempt for any constituents who don't like his agenda. It seems like he's working hard to make himself public enemy No. 1.

I'd be curious to know what he's spending his recent campaign contributions on (I bet I could guess) or what cronies he wants to pass money on to. But then again, who would stoop so low as to take money from Dennis Gallagher?

Raging RED said...

Isn't it spooky that a politician would appear at a letter writer's door to debate the letter? Is Pinky unable to just write a letter back to the resident?

So, the qustion is: was Pinky sober when he came to this person's house?

Let's see how honest this Pinky is. Let him shepherd a bill through the City Council, mandating that all campaign funds be turned over to a charity. None of it for use by the now-retired office holder.

How 'bout that, Pinky? Honest enough for you?

hooper said...

Raging Red- good thinking, but it would be all to easy for people like Gallagher to have a crony set up a 'charity' to make themsleves look good and to do god knows what with the money.

But your point is taken - I don't think he would even pretend to support something sensible and honest like that, since he doesn't care about his reputation anymore.

Anonymous said...

Note to Gallagher: It wasn't ethical inviting yourself to your constituent's home. Wasn't leaving an unproductive message bad enough???

Continuing to negotiate with the developer after he violated several NYC laws, and not paying respect to your consituents' wishes, the history, and the land, proves how closely aligned you are. *Have you forgotten why you were elected? I lost my respect for you! Save St Saviour's in its entirety or your image will be scarred by others forever!!!

P.S. *To work with the people & for the people, as a public servant. Bottom line: your own people who you are know turning your back on.

Anonymous said...

How did his breath smell? Was his speech slurred? Maybe he can't write that's why he made a personal appearance!

I'd have set the dog on him!

Observer said...

Anonymous said: "I'd have set the dog on him!"

No, no no! None of that! Pinky is against unleashing dogs.

No, no, no! He formed a "civic" association for the illegal unleashers.

No, no, no! The "civic" he formed is for PTA and Teacher union activists.

Ho, ho, go! the porn boozer has himself trapped by his pandering.

Those poochie types and UFTers and PTAers will grind him to dust at his first treacherous act. And, take your money to the bank on this: He will betray!! He is unable to not betray.

Anonymous said...

Gallagher is as pink as cotton candy....all fluff and no substance!

If he passed wind he'd lose half of his bulk!