Thursday, April 5, 2007

Auburndale atrocity, part 1

Here is an aerial view of yesterday's featured piece of Queens Crap which now consists of just 3 standing walls on a vacant construction lot. The small, one-family white house shown here on the corner and its garage were demolished. Notice the green house next door with the blossoming tree in front of it.
Here is what replaced it. 196-17 & 196-19 42nd Avenue. Two 2-family homes. (Just ignore those windows in the basements - those are for "accessory purposes.") So glad they decided to throw in those overhangs and tall columns because they sure bring a touch of class to the development. Beautiful tree - gone. Green space - gone. Queens Crap - front and center.

1 comment:

verdi said...

Solid as a brick shit-house.....and it looks it too!