Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yes, more Jamaica garbage

You have all heard the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Well that is what the garbage problem is like in Jamaica. Leaders have been doing the same thing over and over again for decades and the problem still persists and is even getting worse. I report, as others do, problem areas to get cleaned-up and turn around and repeat the procedure again and again and again. Nothing changes, the problematic areas pretty much stay the, clean-up, garbage, call, clean-up, garbage, call, clean-up............well you get the point.

Just the other day I sent some before and after photos of some clean-up that took place after the NY1 four-part series on the Jamaica garbage problem. Here it is only a few days after and already the same thing is happening again with these problematic areas (photos attached). With warmer weather coming up the problem is only going to exacerbate.

In regard to absentee/negligent property owners,this vicious cycle goes around and around and around and something drastic needs to be done and done immediately. Now I do not have any problem with DOS, I call them, they come out and take care of the issue by cleaning up or issuing a violation or both. That is their job and I feel they are doing it. The problem lies with our laws, enforcement and our elected officials who are working with an antiquated system that is no longer working with this extreme problem. Laws need to be changed to increase fines drastically, the fines need to continue on a daily basis up to a certain time frame and after that time frame and the property is not cleaned-up, then a warrant must be issued against the individual.

An individual in my building who had several parking tickets and a time line to pay them did not. One day when he went into his car, he had a boot on it, which he had to pay electronically to be able to use his car. Several years ago, I walked between subway cars at Jamaica station when then train was not moving to get away from a car that had a smelly homeless person in it. I was immediately apprehended by 5 rookie police officers who hounded me with questions, ran my name through the system, gave me literature about subway rules and then gave me a $50 ticket. I could guarantee that if I did not pay that ticket, I would have had a knock on my door.

Yet problematic property owners, who do not take care of their property and have garbage everywhere continue this behavior for years with very little consequences. Their actions affect the quality of life, the health of our community, our property values and the future of Jamaica. On Sunday morning walking around my block I filled up a medium size garbage bag filled with all kind of litter that the low class scum of Jamaica throw down in front of two empty lots on 90th Street between 169th Street and 170th Street. This has been an on-going issue for a couple of years. The owner of the empty lot at the corner of 170th St/90th Avenue has only been out 3 times in 2 years. If I did not pick up bottles, cans, antifreeze containers, small garbage bags of fast food, dirty diapers, dog shit, etc, the place would look like hell and this is all next to my nice co-op building. This is what I have to endure because our elected leaders are dragging their damn feet. But believe me I also know too damn well that the pig individuals who live in our community and visit also share the blame. You can take the pig out of the dirty country but you cannot take the dirty country out of the pig and to make you feel right at home, come to Jamaica, Jamaica Queens that is.

I have heard every damn excuse there is about why this problem is still continuing from, well it is private property or we can not get into the empty lot because it has a fence around it and no entrance, blah blah, blah. Let me know when you cannot get into a lot with a fence around it, I guarantee you the next day there will be a nice opening for someone to go through.

When Senator James Sanders, was a councilman in his district, he and a group of volunteers cleaned-up a notorious abandoned home with mounds of garbage and brought all the garbage bags to the owner, Citi-Bank, on Hillside Avenue and dumped it in their lobby. Here is an elected official with balls, unlike most of our elected officials we have now, who would not even do this, hell they do not even address this problem unless a reporter sticks a camera in their face. So Comrie, Smith, Cook, Wills, Scarborough and Meeks, the next time I have to fill up a garbage bag while walking on my block, how would you feel if I came to your office or your home and just dumped in in front of your place. Well this is what it will be coming to if you do not start acting like leaders and doing something and something immediately about this unbelievable garbage problem.

Now here are the problematic properties that I have been dealing with for 2 years (and some that appeared in the NY1 series) and the same thing just keeps happening over and over again.

1. Empty lot at the corner of 170th St/90th Avenue (169-23 90th Avenue) owned by some low class third world immigrant and the empty lot two doors down on that same block on 90th Ave. Not only do people through garbage over the fence, but garbage is being thrown on a daily basis on the sidewalk surrounding it, especially by people who park their cars and feel it it totally acceptable to thrown their babies dirty diapers onto the sidewalk (can you spell G-H-E-T-T-O).

2. Notorious slum apartment building at 168-07 89th Avenue owned by some low life scum living on Long Island. Always garbage cans without lids all over the sidewalk always filled with loose garbage and overflowing onto the sidewalks. Just the other day it was all cleaned-up and today, it is already starting and their garbage pick-up is not until Thursday, can you imagine what is will look like by then. PHOTO ATTACHED.

3. Empty lot at 170-19 89th Avenue. Always garbage dumped in front of this lot. I have never seen the low class third world immigrant owner ever come to clean this up in 2 years. Again was just cleaned and already, a bag of takeout, a bag of raw chicken, assorted empty liquor bottles and a pack of cigarettes. I guess you would call this Ghetto Outdoor Dining. Who the hell does this and a bag of raw chicken! PHOTO ATTACHED.

4. Run down apartment building directly across from my co-op, address is 89-19 170th Street, 89-17 170th St and 89-15 170th St. Always has overflowing garbage cans with no lids and loose garbage blows all over the place including in front of my building which the maintenance men are complaining about. 89-19 170th Street, also owned by a low class third world immigrant (see a pattern), has no certificate of occupancy (how can that be), several major violations of every kind and had an illegal apartment in the basement, which I called about and which was taken care of. But it would not surprise me if this piece of scum started this back up. PHOTO ATTACHED.

The next two were two places that I saw when I went to take photos of the above problematic area and these two are interesting for different reasons.

1. 168-47 89th Avenue. This is Family Medical Care, which should have the subtitle, low class third world immigrant "doctor" on call. Now this is supposed to be a medical care facility. I would not take a goldfish to this place and before you step into the office you are more than likely to catch some type of bacteria or lockjaw from the garbage containers piled up with no lids and garbage lying around, the security door wide open and all those lovely medical waste container stacked up in front of the entrance. They probably do fax service, passport photos and have a day care center in the basement. This is not the only medical center like this in Jamaica. The majority of doctors, dentists and medical care places are pretty much like this. Uh, remind me what country I am in again and what century. PHOTO ATTACHED.

2. 168-17 89th Avenue. Now the person who lives in this house, is the one who appeared in the NY1 segment with me who told reporter Ruschell Boone and I about the house next to him that had garbage all over in the back and he was getting mice and rats coming into his house from that. Well, it looks like the garbage cans in front of his place, might also be the reason he has mice and rats. No lids, loose garbage and litter on the ground. Can you say Ironic! PHOTO ATTACHED.

Now these are just within a couple of blocks from me and some are on my block. These situations are littered all over Jamaica and our leader keep putting their heads in the sand, or I should say garbage, it is after all Jamaica, the mecca of garbage only behind Calcutta and Pakistan.

This would not be happening if this was an all white/black middle/upper class area. First off no one would tolerate any of this behavior for a minute and second the elected officials would be held accountable to take care of the problem immediately or your asses would be working at the car wash on Hillside Avenue. This type of community would not tolerate any of that ghetto bullshit behavior at all and they would expect, no I take that back, they would DEMAND that the problem be taken care of the day before. They also would have a high standard for their elected officials in their community and would not put in office a bunch of lazy ass, corrupt, do nothings who whine "we are being piled on".

Well pile on this................................................

.......................even President Obama disapproves of you and your sorry ass excuses.

Joe Moretti
Jamaica, NY 11432


So Faki said...

people are pigs. absolutely ruthless. thats how they live back home and bring it here to the states. i'm always sweeping my sidewalk. 175th / Jamaica Ave

Anonymous said...

These so called day care centers and house clinics are nothing but fronts as a way to claim the house as a business write off!

Anonymous said...

Go to Queens Civic Congress and watch what they do. Let us know. If its nothing useful (as I suspect) it will be yet another nail its coffin.

Speaking of which an interesting observation: if this was in the other four boroughs, SOME civic group, SOME local pennysaver, SOME politician would come out to Joe's defense.

In Queens? Nothing.

Walk around the borough. The rest of the city cleaned this crap up a decade or two ago. In Queens, it is still spreading. Its everywhere.

And all we can do is get glassy eyed and stupid every time one of those politicians enter a room spreading their warped sense of reality and America, trolling for votes, glad handing the absentee landlord and his horde of diverse teaming tenants driving out people like Joe and his ilk.

Anonymous said...

ghetto land of garbage and crime...where nobody cares!

Anonymous said...

Sanitation and living conditions in nearby Corona are equally appalling. The worst offense was seeing Guinea pig (or some other rodent) meat being dried out on a stake on an apartment balcony. Sadly, politicians do nothing and the immigrant residents have no desire to assimilate, so it will continue to devolve into a third world borough.

Lame-duck Queens Borough President Helen Marshall said...

[Let's see? You mean to tell me only 3 quarters of a year to go and them I'm outta here?How much in that pension again?]