Friday, March 29, 2013

Peter Vallone says CitiField area is not parkland

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From A Walk in the Park:

City Council Member Peter Vallone doesn't believe the mapped parkland in Flushing Meadows the City and developers want to build a mall on is parkland.

Mr. Vallone, one of six candidates running for the office of the Borough President, said last night he supports the Willets Point project, including taking 40 plus acres of Flushing Meadows parkland currently used for Citi-Field parking, in order to build the city's largest mall.

"It"s not parkland, and anyone saying that Willets Point is parkland is relying on some technical definition from the 60's," Vallone said.

"You know what Willets Point is….It also involves the Mets parking lot. I want to see that development happen," he said.

"I want to make sure what goes there is what you want but that needs to be developed. That can't stay the way it is, and it's not parkland," Vallone claimed.

The Councilmember was a bit confused last night as candidates squared off.

It is the City, in fact, that is desperately trying to rely on a 1961 bill that it used when it took over the parkland to build Shea Stadium.

The City and Bloomberg-preferred developer the Related Companies in partnership with Sterling Equities, the real estate firm controlled by the owner of the Mets - are attempting to use the parkland without seeking State Alienation legislation as is required under state law to use parkland for non-park purposes.

The City and the developers are also attempting to bypass City Council approval.

Critics of the plan argue that if the 40-plus acres being proposed for mall use are no longer needed for baseball parking then it should revert back to its original recreational use.

Mr. Vallone's Bloomberg-esque moments came last night during the Bay Terrace Borough President Candidate's Night.

And Peter is considered to be the "smart" brother...


Anonymous said...

Hey, consiglieri--so NYC is relying only on some technical definition"--eh?

By my own "technical definition", Pete "junior" Vallone isn't qualified to be a councilman--let alone become our next borough president.

How did he ever get his law degree--unable to interpret a point of basic contract law regarding this piece being parkland--and where the hell from?

If you want to sell out Queens to the Vallones--a self serving profiteering developers' lobbyist family--then "junior" Pete is your boy.

If you want to safeguard our borough from rapacious real estate developers--be sure to vote for Tony Avella! He's the only real choice out there.

Michael said...

"It's not parkland...relying on some technical definition from the 60's"

Peter Vallone HIMSELF is from the 60's. According to Himself, that means we should NOT rely on him either.

Anonymous said...

Its the other Vallone that is the smart brother.

Junior, as the residents call him. is the seat warmer and in an area as 'civic-minded' as Astoria about the only place where that stunt works.

Note when he is out of his home turf and gets a bit nervous - then he talks just like he talks to Astorians: "that place will be developed because it has to..." when the reality is "that place will become what the public wants because it has to..."

But if the locals are apathetic and unsophisticated as his home boys then his line of argument is accepted without question.

The only thing you have to fear with this guy is whether the body politic in Queens has degraded to that level.

And that answer, I am afraid, is not as clear cut as we hope people....

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I'm guessing Peter Vallone is also among those that voted in favor of the Police Academy in Flushing too! How many millions of more people do they want to cram into Flushing. Where's Tony Avella, and what is he, and other like minded people doing to prevent all of bloomberg's Manhattanizing, Los Angelesizing Queens, Specifically in and around Flushing?

Anonymous said...

Queens does not need another mall. We already have enough including Queens Center and Rego Park
Does Vallone & Company want to obliterate whats left of mom and pop shops still hanging on ?
Give it a rest Pete.
Save our Borough, Ont destroy it all together !

Anonymous said...

It's a toxic waste dump! years of leaded auto paint,leaded gasoline usedmotor and transmission oils, antifreeze has leached into the soil!Cap it and make it a park. IT is unsafe to build on. Where is the EPA!

georgetheatheist said...

A Queens Crap EXCLUSIVE:

Peter Vallone, Jr. receives the punishment he so richly deserves: the bastinado in front of a hookah bar on Steinway Street.

Anonymous said...

Vallone is obviously in the pocket of Virginia Joe Crowley and his pigs. Vote Avella, any other vote is for the status quo or worse.

Anonymous said...

Don't want to take sides here but I doubt that any of the Vallones are currently looked upon with favor by Joe Crowley or the county Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Peter has been kissing Joe's ass lately looking for the county endorsement.

Sacco and Vanzetti said...

As an educated Italian American I am embarrassed. This guy is a lawya and a busynyss man? In what world? A veteran politician and he can't speak in public? Did he think he was in da bar in asstoria tawken to vin gus and joe?

What an embarrassment , let alone outright liar ( or just too stupid to know his job).

What a bunch I of ignoranti !

Anonymous said...

Mamma mia, what a stronzzo!

Dump Pete and his low life goombah political mafiosi family!

Miss McGillicuddy said...

He is the "smart" brother.

On an intelligence scale of 1-10, Chrome-Dome gets a 2.00 and the Wanna-be-beep gets a 3.25.

King Ning said...

"Peter Vallone says CitiField area is not parkland"

King Ning sez Peter Vallone is a cue ball-headed idiot.

Which of those two statements is based on fact?

Anonymous said...

There goes Al asking questions keeping them jumping. Good job Al

Vote Graziano


Anonymous said...

A case of " giving them enough rope to hang themselves". Go Al indeed

I've known Al over 20 years and he is the real deal. He only cares because its right. Keep " giving them rope" Al!

And yes, vote Graziano. !!!!