Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dan still shoveling it

From the Times Ledger:

In an attempt to set the record straight as he runs for re-election to a second term, City Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone) has blamed Mayor Michael Bloomberg for distorting his claims about a Sanitation Department slowdown in the aftermath of the 2010 blizzard.

After the most recent snowfall, the councilman reflected back on his claims and pointed the finger at Bloomberg for taking his remarks out of context.

“Mayor Bloomberg was clearly trying to distract the public from his lack of hands-on governance during that storm and his growing troubles with DSNY supervisors, who were illegitimately targeted for summary demotions by his administration,” Halloran said. “At the time, my statements were unfortunately distorted into criticism for the hardworking DSNY employees and I was wrong to not fight more forcefully to clear up the record.”

Bloomberg and other top city officials were criticized for being out of the city for the Christmas holiday weekend when the blizzard hit.

As he faces a field of five Democrats seeking the spot to challenge him in November, Halloran said he hoped to set the record straight by saying he regretted the collateral damage caused by the political whirlwind.

“I never intended to criticize the rank-and-file workers of the DSNY or the vast majority of hardworking supervisors. I know how hard they work. The issues I raised were directed at the policymakers in the top management positions, based on what I’d heard at the time,” Halloran said. “While locker-room talk and outside agency griping were at the heart of my commentary, my intention was not always communicated as clearly as it should have been.”


Anonymous said...

I remember that storm in 2010, snow trucks were plowing with lifts up, looked like a war zone the next day when double lane major roads ended up single file. Who knows the untold damage the unplowed snow did to the roads. I remember so many pot holes showing up on the roads soon after. Halloran was right! something f'd up was going on that day. Can't blame the mayor either for DSNY trying to make a political statement.

Anonymous said...

i still saw the DOS plow drive down my block in Bayside, with it's shovel up and return with it's shovel up!!!!!!!

David Curtis said...

Dan's got a lot of friends in various city departments. I know him well for over 20 years and he is well trusted when it comes to protecting the identity of someone telling him something in confidence. It is because he keeps quiet and they know they are protected that they will continue to talk to Dan. This is a great strength in a trusted politician.

Queens Crapper said...

Just because you saw plows with their blades up is not proof of a slowdown. And Halloran naming names is what caused a lot of problems for them. "The two men swore under oath that they had never told Halloran anything remotely like the fantastic tale that put him on the front page." So much for protecting their identities. Please spare us, David.

Anonymous said...

So it's ok that Den Halloran was proven to have lied after an investigation, because you saw a snow plow with its blade up? Amazing. You folks deserve to have Halloran for 8 more years. You're complete idiots.

Anonymous said...

David ask that guy who worked for the department of transportation you know the guy Dan said was his source. So let me get this right.
A dot guy told this louse about a dos slow down.
But Dan is a stand up guy who doesn't reveal his sources
I guess you're right.
He just drops other names of people who have nothing to do with the issue

David you're obviously a fake yourself or an blind idiot

Anonymous said...

Halloran is still snow jobbing his constituents!
That should be a shovel full of the brown stuff instead.

Among Dan's many psychological problems...
being a pathological liar takes precedence over all.

Then there's his God complex to deal with.

when is Dan going to learn to keep his pork in his pants?

After bending the elbow a bit, he seems persistent in trying to hit on women 20 years younger than himself.

I've sat on a bar stool in Bayside near him and observed him at his slovenly worst.

Now wouldn't you like to know who I am.
Well, never mind that!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know if Dan wins reelection he has a good chance at having three terms that's right three terms as he was a part of that class that got the extra term because Avella refused to run for a third term. So be aware if Dan wins its probably 12 years as the councilman.

Anonymous said...

The problem was that there were no leaders in town on the day after Christmas, not that there was a slowdown. No one gave the orders to salt the roads, employees were not being called in to man the plows (plus a lot of them had been laid off or took off for the holidays so there wasn't much manpower to begin with), snow chains for the tires broke, the snow came down in buckets, and then people abandoned their cars in the middle of the roads. A plow is also not going to remove snow on the way to the region it was assigned. For example, a worker will drive through Auburndale to get to Bayside with the plow up. That is what you mistook for a slowdown.

Anonymous said...

I believe many of us have had our fill of Halloran -- in the news and out of the news. He has by his own volition proved himself to be an embarrassment to his constituents.

Let's give Paul Graziano a chance to represent us. One thing is for sure, he will be proactive in fighting overdevelopment; preserving the character of our neighborhoods and speaking out about building code and zoning abuses.

I do not recall that being a priority of Mr. Halloran's.

Anonymous said...

When the snow is higher than the plow blade the trucks will get stuck and they did. Goldsmith micromanaged the department and should of told sanitation to go to work a day earlier. There was no slowdown on any level by the workforce.

Anonymous said...

the developers have had MOST of their fill in N.E.Queens, during the past 15 years. stick a fork in your neighborhood ,it is done.

ypu",no information voters", voted for the politicians enabling the destruction and overdevelopment.

Forgive them Father,for they know not what they do....

read the "fall of the roman empire"

Anonymous said...

Graziano for a breath of fresh air!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Graziano surely is an honest breath of fresh air....while Halloran is just a stale fart!

Anonymous said...

will a breath of fresh air enable your family members to find employment in a 10% unemployment nys economy,and many millions using food stamps? while former nyc tax payers flee to "no state tax" states and more lenient corporate taxation and less government regulation.

why are there no $90,000/per year fracking jobs in nys ? ask the democrat legislators?

Sam Adams said let us speak,write,on Q.C.,even if the blogger is in the tank......

Anonymous said...

Maybe he will. Lord knows Dan hasn't.

Anonymous said...

WTF has "doofy" Dan,the staff porking man, done to protect northeast Queens, or to secure employment for anyone?


You're a Republican clubhouse troll...who's lost touch with the world just like the rest of your party has.

That's why Romney got schlonged!

Wake up!

The GOP has become a national joke that logjams Congress.

THEY are keeping the USA from advancing.

Say goodnight gramps!

Let's face it Mr. Has-been, the Democratic party NOW SPEAKS to the condition of MOST Americans.

Open up another beer and put your head back in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, after Halloran's poor record he's kaput!
Padavan was the last Republican to hold northeast Queens.
A new day it or not gramps.