Thursday, March 21, 2013

Private students getting public busing

From the Daily News:

State lawmakers are pushing to enhance bus service for yeshivas in a way city officials fear could wind up costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of extra dollars, sources said.

A measure that is wrapped into state budget talks and is being promoted heavily by Senate Republicans would require the city to offer busing for all private students in classes taught after 4 p.m. Most of those students attend yeshivas.

The plan also includes a provision that would require city buses transporting after-hour students to drop them off within 600 feet of home, a city source said.

Current regulations require city buses to stop within a half-mile for students in second grade or younger, and within a mile for those between third and sixth grades.

A city memo obtained by the Daily News urges lawmakers to reject the proposal.

Being required to stop within 600 feet of a child’s home, the memo says, “would require twice as many stops as current ... practice, at additional cost.”

City officials are worried that providing a superior service for yeshiva students will lead parents of students at public schools, charter schools and other private schools to clamor for equal treatment, sources said.

The state and city split the cost of busing kids to private schools during the regular school day.

But last year, over the objections of Mayor Bloomberg, the Senate GOP successfully pushed to require city bus service for students at private schools that offer classes until at least 5 p.m.

Thirty schools took advantage — 29 Yeshivas and one charter school — for a total cost increase that was capped at $3 million.


Anonymous said...

The Jews can afford their own buses. Stop supporting them. Clear church/state violations.

Anonymous said...

If children were allowed to go to the schools in their own neighborhood there would be no need for busing..except for those with special needs of course.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 1: We can?

Anonymous said...

It called tweeding.

Taking my money to be paid for services for my community and family and giving it to someone else for votes.

Anonymous said...

You can if you want them. I'm sure the Jewish community would find a way to fund private buses for their private needs.

Anonymous said...

Anything for our jews!!!

Anonymous said...

The curriculum in some of these Jewish schools (dont trust non jews, women are to be treated are lesser than men, etc) varies very little from the "education" that you see in the muslim schools in the middle east. Those schools get bombed and we are told by the media that those muslims are savage and backwards, but our jewish friends get tax benefits and other special privileges for the same thing.

Tell me, who worked that deal?

Anonymous said...

Parents of private school students in New York State do pay property taxes to school districts, despite their children not using the in-class services. The provision of transportation services is a way for these parents to receive something back for their taxes. This is provided to all students in New York State of whichever background. I do agree that the demand to be dropped off within 600 feet of one's house is unreasonable. I think that allowing for later bus service for schools with a longer day is alright, though.

Anonymous said...

But it was the bus driver contracts driving up the cost of school bus service in the city. could have sworn that's what the mayor told us. sarcasm very much intended.

Anonymous said...

Simple: NO MORE TRANSIT. Congestion pricing is just a transit union power grab, just like taxis regs. Real Americans own CARS!